X-Wing: The Phantom II Expansion, an outline of the Coordinate Action, and Six New Upgrades! (Wave 12)(XII)

What the heck is a Sheathipede?  Isn’t this supposed to be a game about starfighters?  On November 10th, FFG dropped the “Coordinate Your Attack” article in which they preview the new Phantom II expansion for the Rebel Faction.  The ship itself is cheap, packed full of action-economy, and some new and exciting upgrades that are also very inexpensive.  Let’s take a look!

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Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Elf Subraces

Another month, another batch of playtest rules from our good friends at Wizards of the Coast. This month, following up on September’s positive feedback on the eladrin subrace, we get four more elf subraces, each distinct from each other and those already existing.

This includes the winged avariel, the primal grugach, the hardy sea elves, and the mysterious shadar-kai. Spoiler: I like each and every one of them; keep reading to find out why! Read More

X-Wing: The M12-L Kimogila Fighter and the new Bullseye Firing Arc Mechanic (Wave XII (12))

In FFG’s latest article, “Bullseye!,” we finally get to see what the bullseye firing arc is all about.  Originally spoiled in early August at a Gen Con panel and then later teased on August 21, 2017 in FFG’s article “Bring on the Alpha Strike,” we now have a full preview of the Kimogila Fighter.  As always, I form my own reaction, scour the internet for the community’s reaction, and then smash it all together with a bit of humor for your information and enjoyment.  Let’s take a look!

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[Standard] Ramunap Red: 2017 Worlds and Nationals results and rethinking the 75 cards

One month ago, in Ready to Role’s own backyard of Boston Massachusetts, fierce competition took place at the 2017 Magic: the Gathering World Championships.  The finals, and everything else, can be found on Magic: the Gathering’s YouTube Channel here.  Now that I’ve had some time to think about the results, and compare the results to my own FNM results, here’s why it’s time to revisit Ramunap Red’s sideboard.  The 75 cards in this deck are not an “auto-lock.”

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Shadespire FAQ & Errata v1 Thoughts

The Shadespire Core Set has been out for less than two weeks and we’ve already got some Errata and FAQs from our friends over at Games-Workshop. While a short document, it provides a handful or errata that clarifies sequences of power cards, answers some questions that are buried in the rulebook, and answers some that I felt were well presented but obviously have been cropping up in the community. Read More

[Standard][Budget] The Elder Ghalta and his R/G Dinosaurs ($25 Paper/5 MTGO TIX)

In case you missed it, [[Ghalta, Primal Hunger]] was spoiled today in a Wizards of the Coast (WotC) article.

As a sort of half-news-half-deck-tech-article, we’ve got a fun, thematic deck made out of only Ixalan cards that is meant for newer players to get used to the way dinosaurs play before Ghalta’s arrival.  This is a budget-friendly deck (only $25!) meant to introduce beginners to the Standard tournament format and to the deck archtype of mid-range aggro.  It can be made out of “draft chaff” (the cards that you get to keep after the draft is over) and some select rares that you may have picked up along the way and is ideal for someone who has been following along the Ixalan events, starting with the prerelease, through the official draft weekends, and finally maybe a handful more drafts or even bought a box of Ixalan!

So let’s open the door, get on the floor, and walk this Elder Dinosaur.

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Shadespire: First Impressions & Why I’ll Keep Playing

We’re a few days removed from the launch of Shadespire, and I can only say that it has absolutely lived up to the hype around it. I’ve been able to get a few games in, play with some deck building aspects, and prime the minis for painting (as we’re in October and I’m located in New England, they may be the last thing I’m able to prime until the spring).

My first two games were as the valiant Stormcast Eternals taking on the vile Khorne Bloodbound, and both games were against the same opponent using the default decks provided. Our first game around was very much a learning experience; while I had been devouring demos of the game online and looking into it, my opponent had only known and seen what I had showed him. The second game was a more even match, though a misunderstanding of game length by my opponent may have been his undoing. Read More