X-Wing: Interview with Jakub Tepper (T8 at NA Championships)

As most of our followers know, the X-Wing North American Championship recently took place at Gen Con 50 in Indiannappolis, ID.  I was able to track down and interview Jakub Tepper, the only Imperial player to place in the top 16 (and top 8).

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Destiny: What Lightsaber Pull means for the future of the game

If Destiny is your first venture into TCGs/CCGs, you may not understand why the community is so up in arms about this card.  You may have heard a lot of talk about the direction of the game now that we have a “tutor” card: Lightsaber Pull.

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Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Three-Pillar Experience

At first I wasn’t sure what to think about August’s Unearthed Arcana as it came in as a brief (a little less than 2 pages) article on the heels of a very controversial release in July. It takes on the challenge of awarding experience in a more holistic fashion, focused on exploration, roleplaying, and combat in fairly equal parts, rather the mainly combat-oriented experience that is default in D&D and so many other games. Keep reading to find out where I landed on this one.
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Destiny: Blue Empire at War spoilers and more release date speculation


Moments ago, FFG released a new article titled “Spectres of the Past” in which a bundle of new blue cards from Empire at War were spoiled.  Generally considered to be the worst color in Destiny, these blue cards, combined with SWDestiny.com‘s Seventh Sister and ID9 Seeker Droid spoilers, give us a clearer picture of the much-needed power boost Empire at War will bring to blue.

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X-Wing: “Follower Build-a-List” Battle Report for 8-17-17

In the third installment of our weekly Facebook “Follower Build-a-List” segment, we are finally flying some Scum!

Every week, we ask our social media followers to suggest one ship each until a squad is built.  Then, I fly whatever you guys came up with at my FLGS in a tournament and report back on how it performed.  This creates an interactive component with our social media followers (you control the content!) and (hopefully) makes me a better player overall by learning to improvise with what I’ve been given.

The Facebook post goes up every Tuesday, the video breakdown goes up on or about Wednesday, and the blog post goes up over the weekend just in time to start the process all over again.

Make sure you are following our Facebook so you can get in on the fun!

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Destiny: It’s an EMP Grenade, NOT an ION Grenade!

credit Matthew Scott.jpg

Credit: Matthew Scott

The mystery has been solved!  The above image can be found on the Empire at War booster pack display box and the August issue of Game Trade Magazine.  Since the image was spoiled, many have theorized what the image represents and what the special side will do.

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Destiny: Chance Cube spoiler

After two weeks of spoiler articles in a row, FFG dealt a blow to the Destiny community’s spirits by not releasing a new Empire at War spoiler article in the past two weeks. Instead, content providers like The Chance Cube were given exclusive access to some spoilers, one of which was their namesake:

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