DM Panic: Random NPCs – Christmas Edition

Picture Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Next up in DM Panic: a last minute toolbox of NPCs to help spice up your next Christmas themed session. It’s basically if Christmas and Robin Hood met in the middle!

Our holly, jolly squad of NPCs have lived in the Feywild their entire lives, and I suggest having players sucked into the Feywild by whatever means you seem fit and then have them bump into Janus who should be adorable and charming. If the players are mention anything having to do with wealth then Janus mentions Claw, while Kringle should either attack or yell with concern for Janus, who is his friend. Read More


Knowledge Vault: …Knowledge Vault

Welcome to our new series of weekly blog articles, Knowledge Vault!  Every Friday, you can expect me to shed some light on lesser known 93/94 cards and/or interactions.  This week’s Knowledge Vault is on none other than, well, Knowledge Vault!

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DM Panic: Random NPCs 1

Picture Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Here’s the first installment in a segment I’ll coin DM Panic where I provide the ill-prepared Dungeon Master with some last minute content to fill or stall their games. This will include random NPCs, loot tables, adventure ideas, and other content from bitesized bits to fully-fleshed out adventures.

We’re kicking off with some NPC ideas that are more detailed than what you would get in most random NPC generators. Ideally you can link these four NPCs together through their connections and drop them into your game, though you can also use them separately as needed. Read More

[Old School MTG][Brawl] Brewing a G/R/B (“Jund”) Land Destruction Deck

To celebrate the debut of the Atlantic 93/94 Old School MTG Restricted List and the restriction of my nemesis, Strip Mine, we’ve decided to serve up a slice of singleton land destruction!

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Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Sidekicks

It’s December, and our friends at Wizards of the Coast have gifted us another Unearthed Arcana! This time they’ve given our characters a gift as well, as Sidekicks are December’s topic!

What are sidekicks? Well, have you ever wanted a dog for your character but didn’t play a character with that feature? Or maybe your party made friends with an upstart adventurer who wants to come along and learn the ropes! Whatever the case, Sidekicks allow you to bring along, and level up, companions in one of three Sidekick Classes! These are actually lifted from the 3.5 ‘Generic Classes’, which use the same names of Warrior, Expert, and Spellcaster.
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Ready Review: METAL by Lay Waste Games & Jordan Draper

Brendan Burke here, and this is my debut into the Ready to Role team!

I recently returned from PAX Unplugged and got my hands on METAL and was impressed as usual by the craftsmanship of Lay Waste Games. Lay Waste Games is most commonly known for the game Dragoon (Previously reviewed here) and it’s expansion.

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A Handful of Magic Items 11

Picture Credit: AlexanderKorolev

It’s December, so we bring gifts of more magic items! We’ve got rings that combine you and a friend, a necklace that gives you the power of dragon, and a potion for desperate times!

Pair of Ettin Rings (requires attunement)
A Pair of Ettin Rings has two distinct rings- a Ring of Might and a Ring of Mind. Each ring must be attuned to a different humanoid in order to function. Once per day, if both wearers of the rings are within 10 feet of each other they can choose to activate their rings as an Action. If they do so, the magic of the ring fuses them into a Ettin, taking on the features of the two humanoids.

The two wearers become a single Large, two-headed creature, centered where the wearer of the Ring of Might stood. This creature has the following features:

-Combined maximum and current health of the two wearers
-Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity scores of the wearer of the Ring of Might, as well as related proficiency bonuses for saving throws and skills using the wearers proficiency bonus.
-Armor class and Initiative of the wearer of the Ring of Might
-Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores of the wearer of the Ring of Mind, as well as related proficiency bonuses for saving throws and skills using the wearers proficiency bonus.
-Worn magic items are melded into the creature and only affect the humanoid who was wearing them before the rings were activated.

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