X-Wing: Arc-Dodging and a Preview of Kylo Ren’s TIE/vn Silencer Wave XIII (13)

While the X-Wing community was still reeling from Assault. Gunboat. Hyyyyype (skip to 1:00:46), FFG was cleverly plotting the release of a ship that we have only known about for less than two months.

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Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Eladrin and Gith

UA Art

It’s a new month, and that means new playtest content for us to enjoy! September’s Unearthed Arcana brings us two new playable races that seem pretty great at first glance.

We’re going to take a deeper look at the options presented, which are the Eladrin, an elf subrace which previously appeared in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, as well as the two Gith variants, the Githyanki and the Githzerai. Read More

5 Wildly Speculative Star Wars: Legion Predictions

(All images taken from the Fantasy Flight Games’ announcement article for Star Wars: Legion)

We’ve had plenty of time to digest the flurry of announcements from Gen Con, and boy was there a lot of awesome stuff coming out of there! While I didn’t have the pleasure of attending in person, you can bet that we were watching at home for any and all announcements of new games and expansions. And one game in particular really caught my eye: Fantasy Flight’s new unpainted miniatures game, Star Wars: Legion.

The tabletop community has been abuzz since the announcement, with plenty of speculation and pre-formed opinions about elements we don’t even know about yet. That said, the things we do know are promising and I am planning on picking up the game upon release to help expand Fantasy Flight’s monopoly on the Star Wars franchise. Read More

X-Wing: “Follower Build-a-List” #4 Battle Report


Every week, we ask our social media followers to suggest one ship each until a squad is built.  Then, I fly whatever you guys came up with and report back on how it performed.  This creates an interactive component with our social media followers (you control the content!) and also hopefully makes me a better player by learning to improvise with what I’ve been given.

The Facebook post goes up every Tuesday, the video breakdown goes up on or about Wednesday, and the blog post goes up over the weekend just in time to start the process all over again.

Make sure you are following our Facebook so you can get in on the fun!

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X-Wing $101 – Imperials: How to Start Competitive Play

If you are a new player with the intent to play X-Wing competitively in the near future and you don’t want to waste your money on duplicative or irrelevant expansions, then this is the article for you!  This article is meant to be an update to FFG’s X-Wing 101 articles written earlier this year by perennial X-Wing superstar Zach Bunn using the Imperial Veterans and the one written by Jeremy Chamblee, winner of the 2017 Mustafar Open, using Imperial Aces.  You may have also read this guide on Stay on the Leader or this one on D20 Radio.  If you haven’t already, you should read all 4 of these before listening to a word I say because all 4 of these authors have more experience in X-Wing than I do.  With that being said, all of these articles were pre-Wave 11 and Wave 11 has shaken the meta in a major way.  This article is meant as a supplement, not replace, the other 4.

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X-Wing: Interview with Jakub Tepper (T8 at NA Championships)

As most of our followers know, the X-Wing North American Championship recently took place at Gen Con 50 in Indiannappolis, ID.  I was able to track down and interview Jakub Tepper, the only Imperial player to place in the top 16 (and top 8).

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Destiny: What Lightsaber Pull means for the future of the game

If Destiny is your first venture into TCGs/CCGs, you may not understand why the community is so up in arms about this card.  You may have heard a lot of talk about the direction of the game now that we have a “tutor” card: Lightsaber Pull.

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