Star Wars Monday: X-Wing ep. 1


Greetings, cadet.  My name is Andrew but you may also refer to me by my designated Imperial serial number (ok, it’s actually the username on all of my social media accounts): FRFC3S.  First of all, I would like to thank Ready to Role for picking up my content and providing a platform for my content to reach even more readers and hopefully encourage some crossover between the different game universes promoted on this site.  As a kid, I liked Star Wars, but my tabletop gaming experience started with Wizards of the Coast’s Pokemon and Decipher’s Young Jedi CCGs around 1998-1999.  Shortly thereafter, during the Urza’s Block, I got into a little game called Magic: the Gathering.  After a good bit of fumbling around, I played Type I (now called Vintage?) until I quit Magic after winning a Darksteel prerelease flight, selling all of my cards, and buying a car.  Read More

Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Feats for Skills

UA Art

Another Unearthed Arcana, another set of playtest rules to check out!

This time around we get a slew of new feats, each focused on one of the in-game skills. They each follow a standard formula- buff the base ability score and proficiency, and a passive feature or flavorful ability, be it a new action, bonus action, or access to spells.

I’m going to run the gamut of these, discussing their third point, and what I think about it as it would affect the game. Read More

Creating Your Own Homebrew Pantheon – Part 1

To me, there is nothing more satisfying than running a game in a world you created yourself. Your cities, your countries, your cultures- your everything! Making a homebrew campaign is like writing a screenplay, and then running the session is watching it all unfold, sometimes how you don’t expect it to! Read More

Knights of the Pool Table – Episode 4 | Foul Play


After dispatching of the foul creatures that have been terrorizing the farms, our group of adventurers follow the tracks from these monsters. Will they find the source of these grotesque things, or will they be the ones found?
Read More

Knights of the Pool Table – Episode 3 | Seeds of Mystery


Our adventurers, hot off the success of their first mission, are now asked to look into disappearing and sickened farm animals and crops plaguing a few of the farms of BlueOak. Will they find the culprit, or will they get more than they bargained for? Read More

Knights of the Pool Table – Episode 2 | Into the Forest


Our misfit band of adventurers finally make it to the forest after following the tracks left behind by the suspected kidnappers. Will they find out who is behind the disappearances and save those who have gone missing? Or will their adventure come to an end before it has really begun? Leave your comments below on your favorite characters and moments from this episode! Read More

Knights of the Pool Table – Episode 1 | Missing Persons


At long last, the first episode of Knights of the Pool Table is here! Get introduced to our heroes: Skreeg the maniacal goblin wizard, Alben the wild magic sorcerer, Jimmy the half-orc barbarian, Neigh the kenku assassin, and Beorn the firbolg druid. Episode 1 covers the first half of our first session, while episode 2 will pick up where episode 1 leaves off. Leave your comments below on your favorite characters and moments from this episode! Read More