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[Premodern Brawl]: Rules, Bans, Errata, and Commanders

Many of you know that I love Singleton formats.  I’ve written extensively on the subject of Old School 93/94 Brawl, and I’m still pretty sure nobody else but me has played since Hartfordfestivalen.  However, you may not know that I also wrote a series of primers… Continue Reading “[Premodern Brawl]: Rules, Bans, Errata, and Commanders”

[Premodern] Gold: A primer on some of the best multicolored cards in Premodern!

In our second-to-last Premodern primer (colorless Artifacts and Lands will be the last one!), we take a look at the multicolored “gold” cards that are legal in Premodern!

[Premodern] Blue: Mo’ Phling, Mo’ Problems.

The fifth and final color that we have left to review is none other than the bane of WotC R&D: Blue!  Over the Premodern years (1995-2003), Blue brought us some of the most busted cards of all time.

[Premodern] Red: Have fun by making sure that your opponent doesn’t!

eThis week, we take a look at Red’s contribution to Premodern and how great of a day you can have while ruining someone else’s.  As always, this is not a definitive list of Premodern staples, it’s more or less just hitting the high notes… Continue Reading “[Premodern] Red: Have fun by making sure that your opponent doesn’t!”

[Premodern] There’s more to Green than just Elves & Fatties!

Since I wrote our articles on White and Black, the Premodern scene has exploded.  The Swedish Premodern Nationals took place on June 17, 2018.  Coverage of the event in English was generously done by Martin Berlin of  Top 8 coverage can be found… Continue Reading “[Premodern] There’s more to Green than just Elves & Fatties!”

[Premodern] Staples: White

In our last Premodern article, we discussed my picks for what Black cards will impact the up-and-coming format.  This time, we take a look at Black’s enemy color, White, and see how White plans to stand toe-to-toe with the best Black cards printed between… Continue Reading “[Premodern] Staples: White”

[Premodern] Staples: Black (and a brief history of Premodern)

With the rising popularity of Pauper and Old School 93/94, it appears as though we have hit an age where Magic players are no longer willing to settle for the DCI-sanctioned Standard, Modern, or Eternal (Vintage & Legacy) formats.  Players such as myself are… Continue Reading “[Premodern] Staples: Black (and a brief history of Premodern)”

Evaluating the Competitive Viability of Creatures

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have either heard about or directly experienced the cost-efficiency of The Scarab God.  I mean, this guy does everything.  At just five mana, this beatstick provides indirect damage, deck manipulation, a durable 5/5 body, and an… Continue Reading “Evaluating the Competitive Viability of Creatures”