Robb rolled his first set of polyhedral dice at the tender age of 4, playing his first D&D character ever, Thunder, the Dwarf Fighter. This was the stage for setting him up for a lifetime of overactive imagination, fueled only by more roleplaying, TCGs, wargaming, boardgames, and video games.

Nowadays, Robb leads his home roleplaying group as a DM/GM through mostly homebrew campaigns in Dungeons and Dragons as well as a slew of other roleplaying systems. As a tabletop general he leads forces of Space Wolves and Drukhari in the grim darkness of Warhammer 40k, while his ogors and Beasts of Chaos wreak havoc in Age of Sigmar. He also hosts board game nights at his house for his friends with his ever growing library of games, favoring Dragoon, Century Spice Road, and Ticket to Ride. And while not actively playing any TCGs, he has previously played Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic: the Gathering, Hearthstone, and Munchkin CCG casually.



Andrew is Ready to Role’s chief source for M:tG content. He sharpened his card game skills at a young age by playing traditional card games with his Italian grandparents. Like many others, his competitive card gaming began with Pokémon in 1998. However, the bulk of his competitive experience was playing the Vintage (formerly Type 1) format from 1999 to 2004.

He has also played several other card games, including, but not limited to: Star Wars: Destiny, Hearthstone, GWENT, the AGoT 2.0 LCG, Duel Masters, Decipher’s SW:CCG, WotC’s SW:TCG, DBZ, Young Jedi, Gundam War, Battletech, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Digimon. Andrew attributes his successful legal career to the memorization, risk analysis, and rule-interpreting skills he learned while playing competitive card games.



Brendan’s been an avid gamer for most of his life, starting at the ripe age of 6 when playing the Gorillas (MS-DOS game and Commander Keen), as with the majority of the kids his first collectible card game was Pokemon back in the 90’s and eventually moving into Yu-Gi-Oh and eventually in college falling in love with the tri-lands of the Shards of Alara set of Magic: the Gathering.

Brendan’s next shining achievement was transitioning into Game Mastering and Worldbuilding via the LARP “Humans versus Zombies” on the campus of UMass Dartmouth. It was only a short time after that he began playing and eventually running a 2 year long campaign in Dungeons and Dragons.

Brendan and his wife Sarah are now avid board gamers, and while Brendan favors games of high strategy, Sarah is frequently one to prefer games with rewarding tension.

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