We Talk Tabletop

Whether you dream of slaying dragons, casting spells against fellow planeswalkers, leading your army of space marines to victory, or being the best railroad company your kitchen table has ever seen, Ready To Role has you covered! From bringing you ideas that you can use in your next D&D session to reviews of the newest board games and everything in between, we talk tabletop at Ready To Role!

Our Team

Currently a team of one, Robb rolled his first set of polyhedral dice at the tender age of 4, playing his first D&D character ever, Thunder the Dwarf Fighter. This set the stage for a lifetime of overactive imagination, fueled only by more roleplaying games, TCGs, wargaming, boardgames, and video games. Nowadays, Robb serves as a GM for would-be heroes in various RPGs, commands armies on the tabletop in Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar, and hosts board game nights at his house for his friends.

Previously our team included Andrew (FRFC3S) who contributed articles on different and niche formats of Magic: the Gathering, the now defunct Destiny, and version 1.0 of Star Wars: X-Wing. You can still find and read Andrew’s articles on the site and still find Andrew in our Discord server ready to talk tabletop!

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