25 Magical Artifact Adventure Seeds

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At this time of year, why shouldn’t you and your characters both get some shiny new toys? You get more Adventure Seeds while they possibly get some magic items! We take a break from our normal geographical themes in favor of seeds that share a different common denominator in the form of magical artifacts.

Because I had less restrictions I was able to go wild with this set of seeds. Being able to place them in any location I wanted was pretty freeing even while needing to center them all around a magic item. I will probably do more non-geographic seeds in the future, so if you have any ideas, let me know!

No assumptions this time other than there’s a magic item (supposedly) to be found and wielded or returned. If you have a magic item of note in your game feel free to slot it in place of any of the given items, or find some more magic items in our Handfuls of Magic Items articles. We may even feature a few of these in the future!

And now here are the adventure seeds:

  1. The Chaos Blade is said to be a sword forged in the fires of the world when it was still forming. The since ruined Temple of Order were the last known keepers of the accursed weapon but murmurs have emerged of many treasure hunters looking for it.
  2. The rise of demons serving under the dark god has led to an increased search for the lost temple of the goddess of love. Her holy weapon, the maul Heartbreaker, is the only weapon known that could defeat the dark god, her former lover.
  3. The Staff of Soulcatching has made its way into the hands of the mad queen and she is already abusing the powers of it. A rogue faction has been seeking adventurers brave enough to siege the castle before she siphons the souls of her entire city.
  4. A pair of throwing daggers, Lionspride and Wolfspack, are entombed in a statue of two brother generals stabbing each other at their final battle. Many have tried to pry them from the statue but magic repels all but siblings from even trying.
  5. A famous escape artist was once the owner of the aptly named Doordagger; a dagger that could carve a door into any surface. She and the crew of the ship that were detaining her met their end when she thought to carve a door into the bottom of the ship, not expecting to immediately flood the ship and drown with her captors.
  6. Originally a gift to mortals by the god of nature, the Longbow of the Harvest can spread and speed up the growth of flora by being cast over any land. A group of misguided druids have gotten their hands on it and now spread briers and poisonous plants towards civilization as a way to make them atone for their perceived crimes against nature.
  7. The Maze of the Laughing God is home to a few treasures and many a trap, but the only ones ever recovered were the Lockpick Bolts used to magically undo locks from a distance. After the last bolt was used by a notorious criminal they are said to have returned to the maze, waiting to be won again.
  8. In the underground tunnels that run beneath the dwarven mountains the Stoneshield has fallen into the hands of the wretched trolls. While they are unsure of how to wield its power, their shaman king wears it as a belt buckle to mock those who once had it.
  9. A shield known as The Tower is famous for its ability to house its wielder inside of a magical tower at a moment’s notice. However, after the last wielder refused to leave, many feared his death, and many more feared so after seeing and hearing signs of the undead coming from the magical tower.
  10. The otherworldly Djinnplate, crafted by the efreeti and other djinn, was stored in a magic lamp much as they sometimes are imprisoned. The effects of this wondrous armor are not known to mortals, but that has not stopped dragons of terrible renown from fighting over the lamp that holds the relic.
  11. The Crowfeather Robe has been the ire of many an adventurer who sought to slay the infamous lich of the wastes. Whenever his defeat is imminent he simply turns into a murder of crows, flying away and appearing at whatever crow is most suitable to him as he returns to his lair.
  12. The Cloak of the Colorless once gave a mercenary power to best the most experienced swordsmen in single battle. Misconstruing the intent of the cloak, a dryad that lived inside of a painting lured the mercenary inside where he would be forced to live in color without a way out of the painting.
  13. They say to be wary of old women gambling away magic garments on the side of the road to travelers. A hag is known to lose away the Twicehexed Mantle to those down on their luck, first bringing them great fortune and then having them lose it all and then some for the entertainment of the hag.
  14. In the dungeon of woe lies a relic that is key to escaping through its mouse-sized hallways. The Belt of Shrinking allows the wearer to tighten the belt, growing smaller as they do so until they stop pulling on it, though loosening it doesn’t seem to make you grow any larger.
  15. The tribes of the desert have a legend that says inside every shooting star is a ring that will imbue the wearer with the strength of the star itself. One recently crashed down in the desert and the tribes have been in conflict over it ever since.
  16. On the wrist of a most loved king in an ancient tomb is the Bracelet of the Worldeater. The bracelet is said to have been the key to destroying the entire world and was given to the king as a way to stop it from falling into the wrong hands. The sight of skeletons stirring in the tomb has given way to a terrible feeling of despair around the world.
  17. In the Hall of the Unseen is the Ring of the Observer, a ring which allows anyone looking through it to see any and all invisible matter. The irony is that the Hall of the Unseen can only be seen through the ring, but the ring itself is visible to any who approach the hall, unable to reach it through invisible walls and protected by invisible creatures.
  18. The prince of the cloud giants wears the Sun Necklace as a bracelet around his wrist. In truth the necklace can command the sun stay where it is or call it in the night, but even when told the prince refuses to give it up or use its power for good.
  19. A fanatical group of anti-magic crusaders have taken up the Nullmagic Axe as a way to stop the use of magic in the region. The axe has been able to slice through magical barriers and weapons with ease, and effectively cuts down those with magic in their veins.
  20. Yesterday’s Orb allows one to scry into events of the past and get a true understanding of history. A cult of chronomancers have seen to taking and hiding the orb as they fear some might use its power to change the timeline of the world and alter history and future both.
  21. Alongside many other banners outside of a dragon’s cave is the Stoneheart Banner. Simply being in the presence of the immaculate banner removes the fear from mortals in the face of certain death, which the dragon has come to appreciate as his meals become more frequent.
  22. Underneath a landslide are the Boots of the Immovable. What is not immovable is the rest of the body of one wearing these boots, which was found bloody and flattened at the bottom of the landslide.
  23. After the king was poisoned, it was discovered his chef had been using a mysterious Gemstone of Flavor that had the ability to mask or enhance the flavors of any ingredients. When asked why he would do such a thing to his king the chef replied that the gemstone told him to.
  24. A thousand years ago, a crazed gnomish sorcerer created the Clockwork Cube of Destruction. It laid dormant in his workshop until recently when it was seen rolling around the countryside, slaughtering livestock by simply touching them.
  25. The archmage has put out a discrete call for adventurers to retrieve a stolen artifact of his. He claims that a thief must have bypassed his magical securities to take his Bag of Portals, which can pull any creature from any plane of existence randomly.

As always, please let us know what type of adventure seeds you’d like to see next!

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