Knowledge Vault: Spinal Villain (and the EDH starter kit giveaway continues!)

Greven il-Vec had better watch his back, because there’s another Spinal Villain in town.  Now that I got all of my skeletal puns out of the way, let’s see why I think Spinal Villain might be a budget King Suleiman.  Unfortunately, due to a buyout around Amonkhet, this little guy skyrocketed from $10 to $40.  That’s still a lot better than the $200 that the King has been sitting at for quite some time.

Also, in case you missed it, check out last week’s Knowledge Vault on Hand of Justice!

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25 Campaign Starting Adventure Seeds

Picture Credit: Dungeons & Dragons cartoon

New Year, New You… New Campaign? Whether you’re rolling up a fresh character or reviving an old favorite, the start of a campaign has a certain magic to it! And with this month’s Adventure Seeds I aim to give DMs a jump start on how to start off that sometimes awkward first session.

I thoroughly enjoyed coming up with these Adventure Seeds- my only problem now is I want to run them all! Some of them focus on a story element that could translate into a larger story arc, while others provide easy ways to suddenly make the group work together!

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Knowledge Vault: Hand of Justice (and the giveaway continues!)

In this week’s Knowledge Vault, we’re going to take a quick look at Hand of Justice.  Now, you may be asking yourself, what’s so great about a six cmc 2/6?  Even terrible cards like Abomination and frickin’ Moss Monster are more economical than that.  The answer is: flavor.

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Fix-It DM: Witch Bolt (5e)

Picture Credit: chazillah

There are a few spells that seem weak and borderline horrible when cast in D&D. I decided to spend some time playing with adjustments options and to try to make them a little bit better.

The first spell I’m altering is Witch Bolt. From the description of the spell I tend to imagine a Iron Man-style laser beam that only works on creatures. It’s short range (30 ft) but as long as you don’t lose line of sight the damage continues if you maintain the spell at the beginning of your next turn.

The major issue that I most want to change is it’s damage dice, which by default is 1d12; well under the status quo for first level spells. Read More

[Old School MTG Brawl] Building 93/94 Reanimator in a format with “Color Identity” (and a new giveaway!)

This week, instead of building a deck around a Commander, we build the Commander around the deck.  Reanimation has always been a strong Plan A.  Additionally, in a multiplayer format filled with board sweepers, a few deck slots devoted to reanimation is also a worthy Plan B.  Luckily, reanimation exists in nearly every color combination, so this strategy can be crammed into a lot of decks.  In this article, I attempt to shed some light on some of the most useful cards.  Fans of Dredge, pay attention, because this could be the Old School MTG 93/94 deck for you!

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Knowledge Vault: Immolation

This week, we discuss one of the least-appreciated burn spells in all of Old School MTG 93/94:  Immolation.  Now, Immolation may LOOK like an Enchant Creature/Aura, but it’s actually a Sorcery that deals two unpreventable damage.

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Knowledge Vault: Bartel Runeaxe

Bartel Runeaxe may look like a cross between one of the aliens from the movie Signs and a grainy photo of Bigfoot, but he’s tough as nails.  In my article on Old School MTG 93/94 Commanders, Bartel barely missed the cut as the best Jund (G/R/B) Commander, based entirely upon his high mana cost.  However, he’s also a pretty darn good win condition and/or sideboard option as a 2-3x in regular play!  Last week, we Cracked the Vault on Knowledge Vault.  This week, let’s bust Bartel out of Hammerheim.

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[Old School Brawl] Boris Devilboon takes his Zombies to Swamptown.

Recently, I went into some detail about building an Old School MTG 93/94 Grixis (R/B/U) Zombie deck on our Twitch.  Unfortunately, the Old School MTG 93/94 Zombies are more flavorful than they are plentiful.  Therefore, Zombie Tribal is more of a subtheme in Old School Brawl.  Since Zombie Master grants Swampwalk, the Zombie subtheme naturally fits into the Swampwalk theme.  Without further ado, let’s moan and drag our legs on down to Swamptown.

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25 Magical Artifact Adventure Seeds

Picture Credit: Blizzard

At this time of year, why shouldn’t you and your characters both get some shiny new toys? You get more Adventure Seeds while they possibly get some magic items! We take a break from our normal geographical themes in favor of seeds that share a different common denominator in the form of magical artifacts.

Because I had less restrictions I was able to go wild with this set of seeds. Being able to place them in any location I wanted was pretty freeing even while needing to center them all around a magic item. I will probably do more non-geographic seeds in the future, so if you have any ideas, let me know!

No assumptions this time other than there’s a magic item (supposedly) to be found and wielded or returned. If you have a magic item of note in your game feel free to slot it in place of any of the given items, or find some more magic items in our Handfuls of Magic Items articles. We may even feature a few of these in the future!

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DM Panic: Random NPCs – Christmas Edition

Picture Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Next up in DM Panic: a last minute toolbox of NPCs to help spice up your next Christmas themed session. It’s basically if Christmas and Robin Hood met in the middle!

Our holly, jolly squad of NPCs have lived in the Feywild their entire lives, and I suggest having players sucked into the Feywild by whatever means you seem fit and then have them bump into Janus who should be adorable and charming. If the players are mention anything having to do with wealth then Janus mentions Claw, while Kringle should either attack or yell with concern for Janus, who is his friend. Read More

Knowledge Vault: …Knowledge Vault

Welcome to our new series of weekly blog articles, Knowledge Vault!  Every Friday, you can expect me to shed some light on lesser known 93/94 cards and/or interactions.  This week’s Knowledge Vault is on none other than, well, Knowledge Vault!

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DM Panic: Random NPCs 1

Picture Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Here’s the first installment in a segment I’ll coin DM Panic where I provide the ill-prepared Dungeon Master with some last minute content to fill or stall their games. This will include random NPCs, loot tables, adventure ideas, and other content from bitesized bits to fully-fleshed out adventures.

We’re kicking off with some NPC ideas that are more detailed than what you would get in most random NPC generators. Ideally you can link these four NPCs together through their connections and drop them into your game, though you can also use them separately as needed. Read More