Tournament Report: Hartfordfestivalen 2019

Within this article, you will find my tournament report, a $100 budget decklist, some Brawl coverage, some general tomfoolery, and many heartfelt thanks.

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A Handful of Magic Items 13

Picture Credit: silver6162

It’s our unlucky 13th installment in A Handful of Magic Items! We’re heading back to December’s 25 Magical Artifact Adventure Seeds article for inspiration. As last time, since these items are supposed to be unique and rare we didn’t hold them to the normal balance testing, so use at your own risk!

Staff of Soulcatching (requires attunement)
The Staff of Soulcatching can hold up to 20 souls at a time. Whenever a celestial, dragon, fey, fiend, humanoid or any other creature size Medium or larger dies within 30 feet of a creature wielding the Staff of Soulcatching, the wielder may use a reaction to activate the staff. Roll a d20; if the number rolled is equal to or higher than the hit dice or level of the dying creature, that creature’s soul is absorbed into the staff. While in the staff, the creature has no memory and cannot be resurrected by any means.

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Critical Role Update: More Goals Added and More Goals Smashed

The legendary roleplaying group known as Critical Role has once again smashed the expectations they set for themselves, for the community, and for their wildest kickstarter dreams.

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PAX East 2019 & The Official D&D Acquisitions Incorporated Book Reveal

[Pre-Order] The Official D&D Acquisitions Incorporated BookHappy 10th Boston Anniversary PAX!!

So, unfortunately, I wasn’t available to attend all 4 days of the convention this year. However quick first impressions from my two day experience are that 2019 was a fairly mellow year on the expo floor. Perhaps this had a negative impact of my perception of the convention this year, or perhaps it had something to do with a sleeping toddler napping while I carried her through the expo hall every day from 2pm to 5pm. But in any case, I’ve tried to shift those opinions off and give a mostly objective observation.

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Tournament Report: NEOS March Monthly Group 2 (1-4 with Erhnamgeddon)

In my first Old School 93/94 on a Budget article, I boasted that you can play Old School, competitively, for just $40.  During the NEOS Monthly Tournament series, I put that bold statement to the test.  Now that the tournament is officially over, I can post the results, which are what you would expect:  a meager 1-4.  However, I won several games (4/13; a win percentage of 31%) against legitimate decks piloted by some of the community’s best players, including a finalist.  More importantly, I had a ton of fun, and that’s what really matters.  (“Some of the best games… that I’ve had in tournaments is when I’m at the middle or bottom tables where it really doesn’t matter… Everyone’s laughing and having a good time… and you wouldn’t be able to tell who won the game…”  Andy Baquero, All Tings Considered, “Spike to Spice at 28:20)

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DM’s Bag of Tricks: Magic Items 1

Picture Credit: Wizards of the Coast


Welcome to the first post of a new series, DM’s Bag of Tricks. Going forward I’ll be posting various DM resources like Random Tables, Adventure Hooks, Homebrewed Spells, Magic Items, DM Tips and Tricks, Maps and more!! DM Panic series will continue as the last second package of bundled components to get you out of any last second jam, but this series will be to better to help any DM with more prep time. It’ll be a rough equivalent of shopping at the grocery store (DM’s Bag of Tricks) compared to ordering take-out food (DM Panic). Read More

Old School 93/94 on a Budget ($40): U/R Burn

The community’s response to last month’s budget article was amazing.  Among the support were several requests for a budget Red deck (the only color left out of the article).  As I brewed, a $40 budget version of Mono Red, that I felt confident in, proved to be a challenge.  I couldn’t quite build Goblins or Sligh the way I wanted to with that much of a restraint on the budget.  On paper, it looked really underpowered without Chain Lightnings or Blood Moons.  If you have more room in your budget, DFB’s Goblins list is a great place to start.  Ultimately, I chose to build U/R Burn for my next deck tech because I expect it should have a similar feel to Goblins, Sligh, and/or Suicide Blue.  Additionally, U/R Burn itself is a top-tier deck.

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