Star Wars Monday Destiny ep. 4: a new giveaway, a new sponsor, Poe/Maz, the State of the Current Meta, and more!

This week we are going to take a brief look at Poe/Maz and the State of the Current Meta. We also have some big announcements here at Ready to Role.  We are proud to announce a new sponsor, the conclusion of a giveaway, and a new giveaway!


We have partnered up with FlipSide Gaming! Enter the coupon code READYTOROLE at checkout for 10% off!


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Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Revised Class Options

UA Art

Now that June is upon us, a new Unearthed Arcana article is out for us to look at! If you haven’t had a peak, open it up now in another tab and follow along!

Much like May’s article, June brings us a bunch of subclasses that have been revised based on user feedback alongside new Eldritch Invocations for the Warlock. Rather than go in depth on the mechanics of each subclass and the invocations, I’ll highlight aspects I like and dislike and give my general consensus on the option as a whole.  So how does this month’s offerings hold up? Keep reading to find out! Read More

Star Wars Monday: X-Wing ep. 4

Welcome to another Star Wars WednesMonday Article!  My apologies for the tardiness. This week in X-Wing news, we’ll be briefly talking about the Debut of the C-ROC ExpansionFull Spoiler of the TIE AggressorPartial Spoiler of the Guns for Hire, my own personal recent Acquisitions, a Tournament Report, and top it off with some news that a Tournament Banned the Jumpmaster 5000.

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25 Wood Elf City Adventure Seeds

We’re back again today with 25 more adventure seeds for your D&D game, this time taking a look at what goes on in the cities of those aloof Wood Elves. Much like my Dwarven City adventure seeds, I make a few assumptions about the city, such as:

  • It is ruled by a king and/or queen,
  • The city is integrated into a large forest,
  • Buildings exist both on the ground and in the trees, and
  • There is a sizable clearing nearby that the city has access to and uses for various purposes.

As last time, it should be easy to adapt most of the seeds if one of the above assumptions isn’t true in your game world. Read More

Ready Review: A Game of Thrones the “Living” Card Game Second Edition

This week we got a little something different for you.  While awaiting the release of Star Wars: Destiny Spirit of Rebellion, we decided to pick up the Core Set for the above-referenced AGoT 2.0.  We had a great time learning how to play and are bringing you our top 5 favorite mechanics after our initial impression of the game.


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Star Wars Monday: Destiny ep. 3

This week, the focus of the article will be on The Concept of Cost-Benefit Analysis during deckbuilding.  That discussion will segue into and encompass my usual Road to Store Championships segment and then we will briefly discuss Destiny Day at Team Covenant and prize support for the National Championships.

We’ve also decided to extend our GIVEAWAY.  Instead of ending today, it will end once we reach 100 Likes on Facebook (currently like…. 15ish away).  Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on Twitch, and/or share the original Facebook post for a chance t20170515_201038o win a full set of the Spirit of Rebellion prerelease promos. The more things you do, the more chances you will have to win!  Sorry, continental U.S. only this time.   Read More

Creating Your Own Homebrew Pantheon – Part 2

This is the second installment in a five part series where I take you through my process of creating your own pantheon, from the beginning steps in part one, to a deeper dive about your deities in part three, and finally a finished example of my Syvega Pantheon in part five.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

In part one of this series we laid out the foundation for making a simple pantheon based around different cleric domains that may be present in your game. Following that, you could have a functioning group of deities for your game that have enough depth for a campaign where details can be filled in as needed. Today we look at ways to expand the pantheon, chiefly through the use and distinction of Major and Minor deities. Read More

DIY Dice Tray

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Star Wars Monday: X-Wing ep. 3

This week, we’ll be talking briefly about Current Events, prize support for U.S. National Championships, my recent Acquisitions, and a Tournament Report.

Also, a reminder that we are doing another GIVEAWAY.  Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on Twitch, and/or share the original Facebook post for a chance to win a full set of the Spirit of Rebellion prerelease promos. The more things you do, the more chances you will have to win!  We will draw one lucky winner on June 5th. Sorry, continental U.S. only this time.

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25 Dwarven City Adventure Seeds


Adventure seeds are great. They’re one or two sentence sources of inspiration for any DM to take and create something wonderful out of in their own campaign, and 5 DMs using the same seed will likely create 5 different scenarios with them. It’s also no secret that I love dwarves! So I decided to sit down and think up 25 adventure seeds for a dwarven city for you to enjoy! Read More