Star Wars Destiny EMPIRE AT WAR: Speculation on Release Date and Possible Unspoiled Characters!

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Right? RIGHT!?

Even though our latest Star Wars Destiny Monday article was only posted 4 days ago, I just HAD to write something today.  Let’s start off with when we can expect to see this stuff.

My guess is between September 1st and 22nd.  Let’s look at the facts.  The article states that we will be able to “purchase Empire at War (SWD07) boosters from your local retailer in the third quarter of 2017!”  Previously, when FFG announced that the 9th wave of X-Wing would “arrive at retailers late in the third quarter of 2016,” it released on September 22, 2016.  Therefore, “late” third quarter according to FFG is at the latest the 22nd.  Logically we should expect to see Empire at War released at some point between September 1st and 22nd.  However, FFG’s articles aren’t usually known for their logic and are often riddled with inaccuracies, like when they recommended that villain IG-88 include a hero-only DL-44 in his deck.

Another potential indicator could be that the fourth season of the Rebels T.V. show also premieres in the Fall.  Spirit of Rebellion officially released on a pop culture date: May the 4th.  Could FFG be setting Empire of War to debut the Thursday before the fourth season of Rebels premieres?  Keep your eyes on the T.V. Guide (do these exist anymore?) for a premiere date for the show and we may find our release date for the cards.  Then, we can enjoy some family fun cracking our boxes while sitting down and watching an action-packed season premiere.

Either way, don’t expect Empire at War to be legal for Gen Con on August 17th.



In the article, FFG announces that Empire at War will be another 160 card expansion. Spirit of Rebellion’s layout was as follows:

  • 4 Red Villain Characters
  • 4 Red Villain Non-characters
  • 4 Blue Villain Characters
  • 4 Blue Villain Non-characters
  • 1 Grey Villain Non-character (Interrogation Droid, #17)
  • 4 Yellow Villain Characters
  • 3 Yellow Villain Non-characters
  • 4 Red Hero Characters
  • 4 Red Hero Non-characters
  • 4 Blue Hero Characters
  • 3 Blue Hero Non-characters
  • 1 Grey Hero Non-character
  • 4 Yellow Hero Characters
  • 3 Yellow Hero Non-characters
  • 3 Red Neutral Non-characters
  • 3 Blue Neutral Non-characters
  • 1 Grey Neutral Non-character
  • 3 Yellow Neutral Non-characters

As you can see, it follows a pattern until it hits the Grey Villain card.  The cards are also in alphabetical order within their respective bullet points.  Asajj was #9 and Darth Vader was #10. There has also only ever been one Legendary per alignment/color combination. Finally, every set has had 6 non-unique characters: one for each alignment/color combination.  Edit: This is incorrect, thanks to Bart Maj for pointing our that Spirit of Rebellion had two non-unique Red Villain Characters: Death Trooper and TIE Pilot.


Coming in at card number 4 is undeniably one of the coolest villains in Star Wars, Rebels or otherwise, Thrawn.  Of note, Thrawn is simply “Thrawn,” not “Grand Admiral Thrawn,” such as “General Veers.”  I wonder if that is of any significance.


The next card in line is Mace Windu at 34.  Without knowing if there are any villain grey cards between numbers 5 and 33, its impossible to determine where Mace falls on the rubric.

That leaves us with only being able to speculate on cards 1-3.  It’s safe to assume the following:

  • There are 3 villain red characters that begin with the letters A through Thrawn.
  • None of the characters begin with the letters Thrawn through Z.
  • At least one of those characters is non-unique.
  • None of the characters will be a Legendary.

We know that the set is called Empire at War and is Rebels-themed.  Awakenings brought us Starters and characters from The Force Awakens.  Spirit of Rebellion brought us characters and vehicles from Rogue One.  I think we can all agree that we should expect a good dose of Rebels characters in Empire at War.  We’ve already seen Sabine, Ezra, Chopper, and Thrawn.  The Rebels show gave us plenty of Villain Red (Command) characters:


  • I’d be most excited for and I think the most likely candidate is everyone’s favorite set of mutton chops: Agent Kallus (and if you’ve watched the show, you’ll know why the game rules would make this character particularly exciting).  He’s already in FFG’s X-Wing Miniatures Game.


  • Speaking of sweet facial hair, Admiral Kassius Konstantine and his 70’s ‘stache were key players in the most recent season finale.
  • Although there is precedent that politicians are Yellow, there is the possiblity of Senator Gall Trayvis.  However, I think we are more likely to see Governor Arihnda Pryce. She was always seen sporting an Imperial uniform as opposed to whatever that thing is that Trayvis is wearing…


  • Minister Maketh Tua shows up a good bit in the show and she was a graduate of the Imperial Academy.  That certainly sounds Command-y.

th (2).jpg

  • Most notably, “Tarkin” would fit in alphabetically at #3 before “Th…” at #4. However, you would expect the Grand Moff himself to be a Legendary.

th (3).jpg

  • Admiral Commander Brom Titus was hilariously demoted for his part in losing the Imperial Interdictor in Season 2.


  • Everyone’s favorite bumbling duo: Taskmaster Myles Grint and Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko. The Rebels, especially undercover Ezra, were always messing up their plans at the Academy.
  • Speaking of the Imperial Academy, could the non-unique be an Imperial Cadet? 6 points?
  • There are also minor characters such as Captain Brunson, Baron Valen Rudor, and Yogar Lyste.
  • Skerris would fit, but Vult Skerris wouldn’t.
  • Wullf Yularen does not fit in any way, shape, or form.



Check back soon because I intend to do an in-depth evaluation of the recently spoiled cards. Thanks for reading and please make sure to follow us on all of the different social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and share this article with friends who you think might also enjoy the game.


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6 Comments on “Star Wars Destiny EMPIRE AT WAR: Speculation on Release Date and Possible Unspoiled Characters!

  1. If you look at the numbers for mace, masters of the council and ezra… im thinking that we are going to see 5 characters and 2 upgrades for each colour/faction. Numbers line up with a single grey villain support or upgrade.


  2. Sadly with SoR they made it so alphabetical order isn’t a guarantee, (FN after Death trooper but before Director Krennic, if you think they skip titles remember that Captain Phasma is first in awakenings) so unfortunately thrawns number doesn’t help us speculate too much.


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