Star Wars Monday Destiny ep. 4: a new giveaway, a new sponsor, Poe/Maz, the State of the Current Meta, and more!

This week we are going to take a brief look at Poe/Maz and the State of the Current Meta. We also have some big announcements here at Ready to Role.  We are proud to announce a new sponsor, the conclusion of a giveaway, and a new giveaway!


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The Top 8 decks at the 2017 European Championships raise a lot of questions of which nobody has an answer.  If Poe/Maz is so good, why didn’t it win?  How did the runner-up get through the entire tournament without playing against a single Poe/Maz?  Is 3 out of the top 8 spots a respectable showing for Poe/Maz?  Poe/Maz?  Poe/Maz????

I am not at all qualified to help anyone build a Poe/Maz deck or teach you how to play it. I’m also not brandishing a torch and pitchfork and calling for a nerf.  Instead, I simply want to make some observations:

  • Poe/Maz is undeniably the most successful deck in the current meta.  The Chance Cube is reporting that Poe/Maz is winning 40% of Store Championships.  Sure, it didn’t win the European Championships, but it did populate 37.5% of the Top 8.
  • There is no such thing as the “best” deck.  Tiny Grimes has compiled a list of NINETEEN viable decks.  Each of these decks has its strengths and weakness against each of the other decks.  We are only one month into Spirit of Rebellion and I believe that players as a whole have not yet scratched the surface of optimization. At this past weekend’s Store Championship, there was not a single duplicative character in the Top 4: eDooku/eVentress, eKylo/eVaderDA (me), eBala/FN-2199,Nightsister, and ePhasma/Guavian/Trooper.  This is a wide variety.
  • One of Poe/Maz’s specialities is damage to all characters because of Thermal Detonator and U-Wing.  This is stifling low-health three character lists.  Nobody wants to bring a deck to a tournament that can take 6-9 damage from one die of the most popular deck.
  • Poe/Maz is also stifling decks that rely heavily on special sides because of Cunning.
  • I expect we will see a reduction in Poe/Maz players once they have won their respective Store Championships.  It’s the easy way to that #1 spot on the podium. Afterwards, their hearts may grow three-times their normal size and decide to stay at home or bring a fun deck to the next one instead of taking every store in a 200 mile radius.
  • I think we may have weathered the initial blitzkreig of Poe/Maz wins.  Players are adapting.  As an example, a local player was lamenting that he was unable to resolve his ePalp dice throughout an entire tournament.  This is obviously a byproduct of players running more removal to deal with Poe’s dice.  At this weekend’s Store Championship, no Poe/Maz deck made it into the Top 4.
  • If we see a reduction in Poe/Maz, we’ll see more 3 character lists.  The aforementioned Phasma deck, which came in second at Worlds, would instantly become a strong candidate.



That about wraps things up.  Thanks for reading and please make sure to follow us on all of the different social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and share this article with friends who you think might also enjoy the game.

Credit Marek Okulewicz

Credit: Marek Okulewicz


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