Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Fiendish Options

October is here, and Wizards of the Coast recently announced that going forward Unearthed Arcana will always be the second Monday of the month. Well, it’s the second week of the month, and that means we’ve got some new playtest material to review! This month’s Unearthed Arcana brings up a wonderfully thematic look at fiendish options for your D&D world.

These are broken out into 3 main categories, each of which has an option for each Lord of the Nine Hells or the demon lords! The three categories are new tiefling subraces (with Asmodeus retaining the original tiefling as their subrace), Diabolical cults (each that come with their own devil flavored evil), and ending with Demonic Boons (that can enhance your NPCs or tempt your players). That said, while I won’t highlight every option present, let’s take a look at some of these new options! Read More


Why I’ll Buy: Shadespire by Games-Workshop

With the upcoming Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire (or, just Shadespire for short) coming out later this month, Robb dives into his reasons why you can expect to find him picking up a copy at his local store.

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Ready To Role: Diplomacy – Episode 1 | Talking with Joff (@owlbare)


This week we’re launching a new podcast called Ready To Role: Diplomacy (or Diplomacy, for short). In it, Robb talks with a member of the roleplaying community about whatever subjects they want want to shine a light on and gives others a chance to get to know them.

In our first episode (a double-length two-part special!), Robb talks with Joff (@owlbare on Twitter) about the awesome #BoxOfManyThings exchange on Twitter, the #ShadyAcres homebrew adventure he and others will be playing on his Twitch, mental health, and of course, why he is addicted to Dungeons & Dragons! Oh, and who can forget, toast & tea? Give both parts a listen below! Read More

X-Wing: “And I need you; And I miss you”

I couldn’t decide on a song.  I bounced around from Whitney Houston to Poison to Celine Dion and then I got way too deep into Nazereth and then I was lost in the bowels of the internet.  The point is this: FFG, talk to us!  What is going on?  It has been exactly four weeks and still no X-Wing news.  We haven’t heard anything since Wave 13 was spoiled on September 8, 2017.  Much like our good friend Vanessa Carlton, I find myself just blankly walking through crowds and wondering if we’ll ever see a FAQ again.

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A Handful of Magic Items 4

Image Credit: Darksword Armoury & Armor Venue

It’s time for another handful of magic items! Previously I showcased some magic items I had made for my group while they were all pretty low level. Well, they’ve gained a few levels and I feel more comfortable with items that have a little bit more power or potential. The first two items below are ones that I’ve given to my players, while the third is an item I’m playing around with in my head. It may make it to the table or it may not, but it interests me nonetheless!

Azurite Amulet (requires attunement)

When worn and attuned, the wearer has resistance to cold damage. Additionally, once per day the wearer may either give themselves advantage on a spell attack or give a target disadvantage on a saving throw to a spell they cast this turn. Read More

Ready to Role’s Andrew guest-starred on the “I Rebel” Podcast ep. 1. Check it out!

Check out JediGeekGirl’s new podcast “I Rebel”!  Our very own Andrew guest-starred on episode 1 where the pair talked about Lukas Litzinger getting poached from FFG to go work at WotC, Empire at War, the current meta, K-2SO’s flavor and viability in the meta, Star Wars: Destiny art work, and more!  JediGeekGirl can be found on Facebook and SoundCloud.

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Ixalan Prerelease 3-0-1 Tournament Report

As many of you know, today is the release date for the new Magic expansion and the start of a new block: Ixalan!  Last week, I wrote about why Ixalan is the perfect time for former Magic players to return.  It turns out that I was right!  I managed to go undefeated at last weekend’s prerelease and had a ton of fun doing it.

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