25 Enchanted Forest Adventure Seeds

Picture Credit: Steve Roberts

Today is a good day, because there’s more Adventure Seeds for us to enjoy! This week takes us into, around, and through an Enchanted Forest!

I really enjoyed writing this set of seeds, but I did notice something upon completion; even though I wrote these with an enchanted forest in mind, they could easily work as odd or uncharacteristic happenings in any normal forest, jungle, or wooded area with little to no tweaking. Alternatively, place the Wood Elf City in the Enchanted Forest and you have 50 adventures just waiting to be ran!

Not so many assumptions this time around, other than:

  • The forest has some innate magic flowing through it,
  • Different magical creatureslive in the forest, mostly in harmony,
  • And there is some form of civilization not too far from the forest that occasionally interacts with the inhabitants of the forest.

And now here are the adventure seeds:

  1. Reports of children being lured into the forest by short, goat-legged men have grown rampant. Any satyr questioned about this claims to not know about it and divination magic confirms they are telling the truth.
  2. Many creatures of the forest are being found petrified in stone. While mostly small animals like squirrels and beavers have been found, some elk have been found petrified, broken apart, and missing pieces.
  3. A long-dormant treant of the forest has finally woken, speaking in an archaic language and heading out of the forest toward the nearest town. The other inhabitants of the forest have no idea where it is going or why.
  4. A man is seen gracefully dancing on water as though it were land. Suddenly, a clawed hand reaches up out of the water and grabs him down by the leg and he screams out in horror.
  5. People traveling near the forest claim to see a unicorn galloping out near the tree line. However according to legends, unicorns died out centuries ago and these sightings are dismissed as wild horses.
  6. People trying to travel through the forest keep winding up turned around and back out where they started within minutes of entering. Their compasses and other navigation gear all spin around or otherwise go crazy inside.
  7. Oversized insects are running amok, leaving the forest and then returning to it after they wreak havoc all over. A fairy was seen riding an oversized wasp among the swarm of bugs.
  8. The underbrush grows around travelers, making travel difficult in the forest. Just last week someone was found dead, cocooned in flora, likely suffocated and crushed.
  9. An ancient elf welcomes all who make it to his shanty in the forest, happily selling and exchanging magic items with them. Part of the deal always includes the customer giving up something they love or there is no deal.
  10. Lizardfolk have started to invade the forest and their shamans have begun corrupting the land. Wherever the lizardfolk go the ground becomes swampy and marshlike and the flora warps to match the landscape.
  11. An ornate archway was found seemingly out of place in the middle of a clearing. Getting close to it makes images of a ruined city flicker inside, giving just enough of a glimpse to make out some details of the ruins.
  12. Legend says a hag lives deep in forest and will tell you your future in exchange for part of your soul. She apparently came to collect part of the local king’s son’s soul, leaving him in a coma and the king outraged.
  13. It was discovered taking a dip into a specific part of a river in the forest turns you into an animal temporarily causing people to flock and try it. The last few have yet to change back even days after they turned and people are beginning to panic.
  14. Elves in the forest say they noticed a change in their archfey’s demeanor and they are concerned. Their previously benevolent patron has been commanding them to prepare for war and slaughter and intruders, though not many have complied with her wishes.
  15. Occasionally fey versions of different creatures make their way out of the forest, and the latest to be spotted are fey goblins. They have wings made of spider silk, large sharp teeth, and the same anger that fuels their normal kin.
  16. The Earthstone, a magic artifact that provides magic to the forest, was stolen in the dead of night. Now the forest begins to wane in power and the need to recover the Earthstone is of dire importance to the forest’s inhabitants.
  17. Lycanthropes reside deep in the forest, protecting themselves and others with their seclusion. Recently a werewolf was accused of murder in a nearby town and the militia has begun invading the forest to find the lycanthrope village.
  18. The dryads of the forest are nowhere to be seen and the druids who visit them are losing power. The dryads were the source of the druids’ power and without them, the forest loses those who defend it.
  19. The land throughout the forest rips and tears, revealing a river of lava that now flows through. Fire elementals make their way out attacking the forest and its inhabitant, but water, wind, and earth elementals fight back against their fiery kin.
  20. Crystalline fungus has started growing, releasing tiny crystals instead of spores. When these crystals attach to living creatures they sap the energy from and cover people all over until they fall into a coma.
  21. A second moon is visible only to those standing in the forest. When the moons align, a large magic circle is visible in the main clearing, but no one know what it is for or how to activate it.
  22. As a defensive measure, the pixies have caused their villages to go invisible to protect them against the invading orcs. However, they now ambush any who come near, friend or foe in fear of being discovered and attacked.
  23. All the lakes in the forest have frozen over despite the heat, and a mysterious cave has appeared in the center of the largest lake. Whispers of the “Frost Queen” echo throughout the forest, and slowly the rest of the forest begins to show signs of frost and the effects of cold weather.
  24. Harpies have recently moved into the forest and are killing too many local fauna to sustain themselves. This is disrupting the ecology of the forest and many other creatures are beginning to go hungry or leave the forest.
  25. After centuries of staying in and protecting the forest, the centaur tribes have finally resumed their nomadic patterns and are beginning to leave, leaving the other inhabitants of the forest susceptible to attack from hated foes.

As always, please let us know what type of adventure seeds you’d like to see next!

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