Destiny: Blue Empire at War spoilers and more release date speculation


Moments ago, FFG released a new article titled “Spectres of the Past” in which a bundle of new blue cards from Empire at War were spoiled.  Generally considered to be the worst color in Destiny, these blue cards, combined with‘s Seventh Sister and ID9 Seeker Droid spoilers, give us a clearer picture of the much-needed power boost Empire at War will bring to blue.




I was right that Ahsoka was going to be between #31-33 but I was wrong that she was going to be a rare.  For the first time ever, there are four (two for each side) legendary blue characters in one set: Mace, Ahsoka, Seventh Sister, and Grand Inquisitor.  Although Ahsoka was initially spoiled in Game Trade Magazine and fully spoiled in the Gen Con In Flight Panel video, the picture in this article is much clearer than what we had been working with.  Thankfully, such an iconic character was given much better treatment in the art department than hobo Ezra or goblin Hera.

PRO: Ahsoka has a great ability and good-enough dice.

CON: She is a little bit expensive, but it had to be done for balance issues with an ability like this.



Ignore the art, people.  This card is NEUTRAL.  Vader/Guard has a new toy.

PRO: Neutral!  More damage potential and a base damage side unlike Makashi Training.

CON: No redeploy, does not synergize with Vibroknife (thank God), and all of the other blue weapons in the game cost two or more.



First of all, I am disappointed that he isn’t Kanan Jarrus – Jedi Knight.  Now I can’t do Bendu impressions when I roll out Kanan.



PRO: Cheap, quick resolution of dice.  Good HP for the price.

CON: Mixed damages sides which don’t synergize well with blue upgrades.

What I found most interesting was the wording on Kanan’s card: “this die.”  Although completely unnecessary, I already see the upcoming FAQ that clarifies this “character” die, not any of the attached upgrade die.


swd07_training_remote_die (1).png

You may have missed this one.  The photo was hidden behind a hyperlink in the article.

PRO: Cheaper hero Support-version of Lure of Power.

CON: Character dice only.



WHO?  I’ll admit that I forgot who Quinlan Vos was.  He looks like Khal Drogo Jason Momoa could play him if Quinlan weren’t already portrayed as a homeless Inigo Montoya ant in an irrelevant scene of everybody’s favorite movie: The Phantom Menace.


Okay, we are WAY off track.

PRO: Cheap.

CON: “Two” damage sides: one natural, one modifier, and one unreliable special in a format loused with unpredictable hand sizes courtesy of FN-2199 overwrites and Unkar discards.



FFG is really pushing the blue villain “Blanks Package” as outlined in our last Destiny article about Chance Cube.

PRO: Cheap for 12HP.  Okay dice.

CON: The “Kylo Ren suite” of two damage sides, one of which costs a resource, and an unreliable special.



Ever wondered why it’s called a lightsaber and not a lightsabre?  I have.

I’m flummoxed by this card.

It’s like Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber and Force Lightning decided to make a ridiculously expensive baby that can’t be Holocronned in and doesn’t have redeploy like Bowcaster.

It’s almost like FFG is learning from their mistakes and is implicitly indicating to us that certain cards will be rotated out for “fairer” cards such as this one.



Now that we’ve talked about the cards themselves, let’s quickly talk about when we can expect to play with these cards.  As many of you know, last weekend was Gen Con.  During the FFG In Flight Panel, at 52:06, Team Covenant captured Lukas Litzinger stating,

“We are about to release our third set, Empire at War,

and that is going to come out very, very, VERY soon.”


Todays article continues to represent that the set will come out in the third quarter of 2017 and we have previously discussed what “third quarter” means to FFG.

FFG historically releases new products on Thursdays, so all signs point to just a week away: August 31, 2017, the Thursday before the Star Wars quasi-holiday, Force Friday.


Credit: Justin Goldberg



With just weeks before the set releases, there is a lot that we do and do not know:

  • We are very low on yellow spoilers.  We only know about Ezra, Sabine, half of Cad Bane, and that Lando is probably in the set.  We don’t even have any yellow upgrades or supports yet, although I suspect that the yet-to-be-fully-spoiled EMP Grenade will likely be between #52-58 as either a yellow or neutral upgrade.
  • There is only one more red villain character: #3.
  • There is only one more blue hero character, #32, and it can’t be Aayla Secura because A280 Blaster Rifle is #30 and Ahsoka is #31.
  • There are no more red hero non-characters.  #27 is Rookie Pilot and #31 is Ahsoka, so we are stuck with Ghost, Y-Wing, and A280 Blaster Rifle.



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