Star Wars Destiny: More Empire at War Spoilers


Earlier today, Fantasy Flight Games released a new article titled “Prepare for Battle” in which three more cards from Empire at War were spoiled.

This article comes exactly one week after FFG dropped the bombshell that was “Man Your Battlestations” in which a smattering of both hero and villain red (Command) cards were spoiled.  Between then and now, the FFG website was also updated to contain an image of Bazine Netal.


Should we expect a new Empire at War article every Friday?  I sure hope so.

The article itself is a fluff piece about building a Hera deck.  You may have even overlooked two of the three new cards because the article itself does not even mention them.  It simply slaps them into a decklist in the end of the article and one of the two has a similar name to the existing A180 Blaster.

So lets see what we got:


It’s the Hero version of F-11D.  Seems good.  Instead of your opponent choosing where damage goes, you get to choose when shields go.  Cheap, redeploy weapons and It’s a Trap!  It’s a no-brainer.


Not less than 24 hours before the FFG article dropped, in Ep. 36 of The Smugglers Den, Tiny Grimes had commented that the game needed more 2-cost supports if Fantasy Flight Games wanted to make supports viable in Empire at War.

Now, we have a method of making 0-1 cost vehicles and cheap, unrestricted die mitigation.

I like the special.  Having a 1/6th chance (6/6 with C-3PO) of shutting down your opponent’s best vehicle could be devastating.  I also like the ability to use Strategic Planning as a quasi-Boundless Ambition.

However, I think that it is the non-die card that may have broken the internet today.  At first glance, turning an old support into negative one resource (the cost of Recycle) seems bad.  I guess if, right after you played Local Garrison, your opponent played Underworld Connections, then you may want to ask the garrison’s assistant manager for a refund.  Or maybe you used your initial two resources to play a T-47 in the first round and you wanted to turn that into a TIE Fighter in the second round.

Think a little harder.  When Hera was initially spoiled, people thought about using her ability to drop a free Quadjumper, then discarding the Quadjumper to play something else for keeps.  This card turns EVERY VEHICLE into Quadjumper!!!  Two weeks ago I would have punched you in the face if you told me that I was going to get excited writing that sentence.  Like the article says, try using Hera to drop a Falcon, rolling it out, and then Recycling it for a net gain of 4 resources so you can play a Ghost for free.  Free Ghost seems good.

Will eFinn/eHera be a thing???




The above image has been circulating around for awhile so I cannot fairly credit it, but only recently did I return to speculating who is going to be in the new set.  As my last speculation article was heavily involved in the facial hair of villain characters, it seems only fitting that my return to speculation brings us Billy Dee Williams.

After looking at my spreadsheet, Ezra is #38 and Sabine is #40.  Alphabetically, Lando would fit in at #39.   The portrait photo along with die sides reflect a character and not a support or upgrade.  This further leads me to believe that we are indeed getting a Lando character.  With Sabine being the legendary character in Empire at War, that would make Lando a rare.   Loving the thematic “pay-one-to-get-three” gambler side.

By the way, with today’s confirmation of the A280 Blaster Rifle at #30, we can presume that Ahsoka is a rare and somewhere between #31 and #33 (right before Mace at #34). Alhough she does not have any facial hair, her montrals certainly kick the crap out of Agent Kallus’s mutton chops.



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