Destiny: Chance Cube spoiler

After two weeks of spoiler articles in a row, FFG dealt a blow to the Destiny community’s spirits by not releasing a new Empire at War spoiler article in the past two weeks. Instead, content providers like The Chance Cube were given exclusive access to some spoilers, one of which was their namesake:


Of the four cards spoiled by them, Chance Cube has had the most polarized response from the community.  The response has been anywhere between “broke chase-rare” and “unplayable trash.”

Now mathematics are not my strength, but I believe the die nets you 0 resources on the initial roll.  It costs 0 to play, costs 1 to roll, and the average roll is a 1.  However, there are plenty of cards in the game that have rerolls effects or even choose different sides of a die such as Bait and Switch, Meditate, Mon Mothma, and Chirrut Imwe.

There is synergy with mill/choke deckss.  The resource gained from Blackmail‘s drawback can fuel Chance Cube’s drawback. The unmodified sides synergize well with the modifier sides on Unkar Plutt and Guavian Trooper and also have a 50/50 probability of triggering Salvage Stand.  Rey gets double-synergy with a free action and a helper side.

There are synergies with aggro strategies as well.  Chance Cube can also be used to supplement Darth Vader (DA)‘s lack of a resource side or to fuel the Villain Blue “Blank’s Package”: Meditate, Anger, Manipulate, and Power of the Dark Side.

Don’t forget that you can also “bounce,” or intentionally return Chance Cube to your hand, to protect yourself from mill strategies or to increase the potency of Launch Bay.

As a side note, because Chance Cube is an Equipment, it can be Disarmed (but Ammo Belt, an actual armament piece of equipment, can’t).

I guess we’ll let fate decide if this card is good or not.



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