Destiny: It’s an EMP Grenade, NOT an ION Grenade!

credit Matthew Scott.jpg

Credit: Matthew Scott

The mystery has been solved!  The above image can be found on the Empire at War booster pack display box and the August issue of Game Trade Magazine.  Since the image was spoiled, many have theorized what the image represents and what the special side will do.


The electromagnetic pulse “EMP” Grenade, or “Droid Popper,” made its first appearance in Star Wars Clone Wars television show.

Credit: Season 1 – Episode 7 “Duel of the Droids”

droid popper war on two fronts.png

Credit: Season 5 – Episode 2 “A War on Two Fronts”


As you can see, the spoiled image looks a lot closer to the canon representation of an EMP grenade than an ion grenade.


Credit: Wookiepedia


In Destiny, Droid is a subclass of Support cards.


I think we can expect to see the EMP grenade to provide some sort of disabling effect to the opponent’s Droids, if not all Supports.  We already have a card that exhausts Supports, so it would be nice if FFG broke into some new design space.  I think it would be cool if the special side of the EMP grenade prevented an exhausted Droid from readying on the following turn, similar to Carbon-Freezing Chamber.

We may be able to find another clue in some of FFG’s other games.  FFG loves to reuse old art that they have already commissioned on new games, so maybe we can take a look at what the EMP grenade does in Imperial Assault:


Credit: Imperial Assault Wikia

Oh well.

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