[Standard][Budget] The Elder Ghalta and his R/G Dinosaurs ($25 Paper/5 MTGO TIX)

In case you missed it, [[Ghalta, Primal Hunger]] was spoiled today in a Wizards of the Coast (WotC) article.

As a sort of half-news-half-deck-tech-article, we’ve got a fun, thematic deck made out of only Ixalan cards that is meant for newer players to get used to the way dinosaurs play before Ghalta’s arrival.  This is a budget-friendly deck (only $25!) meant to introduce beginners to the Standard tournament format and to the deck archtype of mid-range aggro.  It can be made out of “draft chaff” (the cards that you get to keep after the draft is over) and some select rares that you may have picked up along the way and is ideal for someone who has been following along the Ixalan events, starting with the prerelease, through the official draft weekends, and finally maybe a handful more drafts or even bought a box of Ixalan!

So let’s open the door, get on the floor, and walk this Elder Dinosaur.

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Shadespire: First Impressions & Why I’ll Keep Playing

We’re a few days removed from the launch of Shadespire, and I can only say that it has absolutely lived up to the hype around it. I’ve been able to get a few games in, play with some deck building aspects, and prime the minis for painting (as we’re in October and I’m located in New England, they may be the last thing I’m able to prime until the spring).

My first two games were as the valiant Stormcast Eternals taking on the vile Khorne Bloodbound, and both games were against the same opponent using the default decks provided. Our first game around was very much a learning experience; while I had been devouring demos of the game online and looking into it, my opponent had only known and seen what I had showed him. The second game was a more even match, though a misunderstanding of game length by my opponent may have been his undoing. Read More

X-Wing: An in-depth look at the Alpha-Class Star Wing (“Assault Gunboat”) expansion, upgrades, pilots, and sample builds (including some non-Imperial builds!)

Fresh off of last week’s quick article, we’re are now taking a closer look at the newest (and one of the most flexible) additions to the Imperial fleet: the Alpha-Class Star Wing (“Assault Gunboat”).  We are going to take a look at the stats, cost, upgrades, titles, pilots, builds, and even the impact that the new upgrades might have on some existing non-Gunboat ships.  Let’s dive in!

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Ready Review: How Many Dragons?’s Dragon Die Guardian Sculpture/Figurine

In this video, Andrew reviews How Many Dragons?‘s metallic green polymer clay dragon die guardian sculpture figurine.

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Ready Review: GeekandGaming.com Cthulu Deck Box

In this video, Andrew reviews one of GeekandGaming.com‘s sweet hand-crafted deckboxes!

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X-Wing: A quick look at the Assault Gunboat, Waves XII and XIII to be released by the end of the year, and final confirmation of the SLAM FAQ.

On Friday, October 20, 2017 and after 42 days of radio silence, FFG released its latest article, “Indiscriminate Devastation,” in which they previewed the Imperial Alpha-Class Star Wing (“Assault Gunboat”).  Originally spoiled in early August at a Gen Con panel and then later teased on August 21, 2017 in FFG’s article “Bring on the Alpha Strike,” we finally have a full preview of the Empire’s latest advancement in intergalactic combat.  Here it is in all of its pre-painted glory:

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Ready To Role: Diplomacy – Episode 2 | Talking with @Little_Red_Dot


It’s episode 2 of Ready To Role: Diplomacy and we had the privilege of talking with @Little_Red_Dot! We discuss how she got into D&D, what it’s like playing and crafting stories for a story-centric D&D podcast, as well as a bit on module building! Give it a listen below! Read More