A Handful of Magic Items 15

Picture Credit: Vic Soto

We’re at the 15th installment of A Handful of Magic Items! I wanted to focus on some non-combat oriented items (or at least, items that may be used outside of a combat) as I felt like my last few handfuls were very combat oriented. So today we have a magic monocle, a destiny-altering die, and dust of dragons with transformative effects!

Monocle of Observation (requires attunement)
As an action, the wielder can activate the Monocle of Observation granting it one of the following effects for 10 minutes when the wielder looks through it:

  • Gain advantage on Wisdom (Survival) checks made to follow tracks
  • Gain advantage on Intelligence (Investigation) checks made to find hidden clues
  • See faint auras around any visible creatures or objects that bears magic within 30 feet of the wielder, or
  • Understand the literal meaning of any written language, but the wielder must touch the surface on which the words are written.

Once used, the Monocle of Observation cannot be used again until after the wielder takes a long rest.

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Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Fighter, Range, and Rogue

Two weeks have passed, and surprise surprise,  another Unearthed Arcana courtesy of our friends over at Wizards of the Coast! They seem to be finishing off the love for the core classes as we round out the final three with new options for the Fighter, the Ranger, and the Rogue.

In what may be the final class option-based Unearthed Arcana for a bit, we get some really interesting options that on paper sound awesome. First is the Rune Knight for Fighters, allowing them to enchant weapons and armor with magic runes learned from the giants. Then we have the Swarmkeeper; a Ranger whose connection to nature takes the form of a swarm of fey spirits acting in harmony. And finally for the Rogue is The Revived; those who realize that this is not their first life and can reach into their past lives and harness the power of death. Read More

25 City Ruins Adventure Seeds

Picture Credit: ivanlaliashvili

We’re back once more for some delicious Adventure Seeds! This time we venture into the ruins of a once proud and grand city, now full of monsters and mysteries to be slain and solved.

The challenge with these was figuring out how I incorporate both the wild and civilized lines of thinking; after all, the city could still house some creatures just fine but also could be a barren ruin. It was fun thinking of how the city’s residents might change over time, and I think I have a few seeds that work for anywhere from right after its fall to many generations in the future.

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Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Cleric, Druid, and Wizard

Unsurprisingly, Wizards of the Coast has done it once again! Another two weeks, and another two- no, wait this time three new class options! This time we’re getting some options for Clerics, Druids, and Wizards!

This edition brings us an interesting trio of options. First is the Twilight Domain for Clerics, that promises them to be the light in the darkness. Secondly is the Circle of Wildfire for Druids who know destruction is necessary for creation. And lastly, the Tradition of Onomancy for Wizards who understand the power of true names.
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Tournament Report: Lobstercon II (2019)

Since the dawn of time 2018, mages from across the world have assisted the Old Men of the Sea in the Quest for the Pearl Trident.  This year was no exception.  Less than a week ago, 122 brave souls departed on a journey to Lobstercon II in search of charitable donations and esoteric fame amongst a sub-sub-sub nerd culture.  I have not returned from my quest empty-handed, but instead full of swag, stories, and songs of the friends I made and lost along the way.

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DM Panic: Random NPCs 5

Picture Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Hey everyone, I’m back with another batch of NPC’s for you to inject into your campaign: a boxer, a friendly troll, and a troll fisherman.

Baby Burke still isn’t here yet; I’m sure he’ll be here sooner than later!

Greth the Invincible

Greth is a human bare-knuckle boxer. He has a permanently mangled skull from the various boxing matches over the years; his brow has been particularly wrangled and his eyebrow hair no longer grows in a straight line as several sections of scar tissue have wrecked his face. Read More

Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Bard and Paladin

Wizards of the Coast is now pumping out Unearthed Arcana after Unearthed Arcana following what felt like a break from putting them out at all. This is the third UA in 5 weeks, and I wouldn’t hate it if they kept it up, nor would I blame them for slowing down. This edition, however, sees some awesome new options for Bards and Paladins!

The Bard gets a proper oratory subclass in the College of Eloquence while the Paladin gets a true folk hero-esque oath with Oath of Heroism. Who better to spread far and wide the deeds of a heroic paladin than an eloquent bard?
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