Ready Review: “Kards” closed beta, a digital card game by 1939games.

On January 9, 2019, 1939games’ new digital card game, #Kards, entered “closed” beta.  I say “closed” because I got my invite less than twelve hours after my request.  Do you like Hearthstone?  Do you like World War II?  Then this is the game for you.

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Knowledge Vault: Plague Rats (in Alpha 40)

The fledgling Alpha 40 format (minimum of forty cards and any number of the same named card) does not use the decisive rule which renders Plague Rats unplayable (“100.2a …A constructed deck may contain… no more than four of any card with a particular English name other than basic land cards…”).  Therefore, with an average opening hand (2-3 Swamps and 4-5 rats), average draws (two rats for every three cards drawn), and no opposing board-sweepers, you can expect five 5/5 Plague Rats on turn six.

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Ready Review: Qwixx


Qwixx is a delightful, family dice game from Gamewright, who have been making games for family enjoyment for over 20 years. Like several of Gamewright’s delightful creations Qwixx is the 2014 winner of the Mensa Select. Read More

Knowledge Vault: Spinal Villain (and the EDH starter kit giveaway continues!)

Greven il-Vec had better watch his back, because there’s another Spinal Villain in town.  Now that I got all of my skeletal puns out of the way, let’s see why I think Spinal Villain might be a budget King Suleiman.  Unfortunately, due to a buyout around Amonkhet, this little guy skyrocketed from $10 to $40.  That’s still a lot better than the $200 that the King has been sitting at for quite some time.

Also, in case you missed it, check out last week’s Knowledge Vault on Hand of Justice!

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25 Campaign Starting Adventure Seeds

Picture Credit: Dungeons & Dragons cartoon

New Year, New You… New Campaign? Whether you’re rolling up a fresh character or reviving an old favorite, the start of a campaign has a certain magic to it! And with this month’s Adventure Seeds I aim to give DMs a jump start on how to start off that sometimes awkward first session.

I thoroughly enjoyed coming up with these Adventure Seeds- my only problem now is I want to run them all! Some of them focus on a story element that could translate into a larger story arc, while others provide easy ways to suddenly make the group work together!

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Knowledge Vault: Hand of Justice (and the giveaway continues!)

In this week’s Knowledge Vault, we’re going to take a quick look at Hand of Justice.  Now, you may be asking yourself, what’s so great about a six cmc 2/6?  Even terrible cards like Abomination and frickin’ Moss Monster are more economical than that.  The answer is: flavor.

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Fix-It DM: Witch Bolt (5e)

Picture Credit: chazillah

There are a few spells that seem weak and borderline horrible when cast in D&D. I decided to spend some time playing with adjustments options and to try to make them a little bit better.

The first spell I’m altering is Witch Bolt. From the description of the spell I tend to imagine a Iron Man-style laser beam that only works on creatures. It’s short range (30 ft) but as long as you don’t lose line of sight the damage continues if you maintain the spell at the beginning of your next turn.

The major issue that I most want to change is it’s damage dice, which by default is 1d12; well under the status quo for first level spells. Read More