15 Druid Grove Adventure Seeds

Picture Credit: Edli

It’s been a long time, but after traveling through the level 20 adventure that was 2020 we’re finally back with more Adventure Seeds! This time we pass through druid groves, strange and deranged. Where some seek to restore balance, others have turned to chaos!

As with all adventure seeds, I like to reflect on the challenge. And like most, the challenge here had to do with balancing civilization and nature. Druids are generally hospital and we may call them civilized, but many stereotypical druids oppose industrial civilization. This was a fun lie to toy with, especially when you add in the concept of balance and chaos into the mix!

Because I figured that druid groves are so varied I didn’t want too many assumptions; some groves are home to multiple circles of druids, others serve just a lone druid. Some druids enjoy harmonious relationships with the nearby peoples, others are hermits and loners who spit on the idea of civilization. Each seed has its own assumptions, but as always, alter, add, and change to your taste!

Previously, I would create an extra 5 seeds and post them to our Patreon as a small way of saying thanks to those who support us. However, in order to produce Adventure Seeds more frequently and to ensure they stay at a quality worth reading, I’ve changed my strict 25-seeds-per-article rule to be 15 to 25 seeds per article. This also means no more bonus seeds, but if you would still like to support both our Patreon and our Twitch are great places to go!

And now here are the adventure seeds:

  1. The druids of the grove seem to be unable to shapechange back into their normal forms and don’t know why. For now they are scratching messages into the dirt to communicate but seem desperate to remedy this issue.
  2. A strange mist has taken over the forest, locking the druids in a deep trance. In the mornings a single druid may be heard muttering some words, and their allies have been trying desperately to see if there’s a message amongst the mumbling.
  3. Word has spread of a druid who has lost her touch with animals and is going mad. While animals once came to her without guard they now flee at the sight or sound of her.
  4. The spirits of nature seem to have found fault with the newest initiate into the druids’ circle. A spell to summon forth nature’s protectors instead brought volatile elementals who seek to harm the young druid and the civilizations near their grove.
  5. A strange fungus has started propagating throughout the woods and their spores have had a myriad of effects on travellers and wildlife alike. Effects range from benign haziness to red-eyed rage or even loss of senses for weeks at a time.
  6. A recent fire consumed most of the druids grove, and fire spirits now roam the ashes and burnt trees attacking all on sight. Even the surviving flora and fauna seem to be corrupted, with flaming dryads seen attacking and then fleeing through the burnt husks of trees.
  7. For the last month the moon has sat still over the druid grove as a full moon as a result of a druidic ritual. This is having adverse effects on the nearby ocean/port city who are unable to safely dock their ships due to the permanent flux of the tide, and a reward is being offered for any who can convince the druids to let the moon go.
  8. A caravan of merchants who went to visit druids report finding only lizardfolk who claim to be the new forms of the druids. The merchants say that while they were still helpful, the lizardfolk seem to have no memory of those who have known and befriended the druids in years past.
  9. The swamp that the druids call home has become more perilous, with the water seemingly lashing out and dragging some travelers under the surface. The only pattern in who this living water targets is that its prey usually is heavily armored. The druids scoff at having any involvement in this and show no desire to help find out what is going on.
  10. Hybrid animal monstrosities have been seen leaving the grove and suddenly dying or writhing in pain. This has immediately raised concern around the local village, with many blaming the druids and theorizing why they would be working their magic against nature to create these abominations.
  11. A clan of dwarves have shown up on the perimeter of the forest, furious that one of their own left to join the druids. They threaten to cut down the entire grove in short time if their kin doesn’t return with them back to the mountains, but the druids remain defiant to the idea of handing her over.
  12. A dragon has recently decided to make its home in the forest, and has been at odds with the druids ever since, being actively sought out by members of the grove for battle. Some of the druids however refuse to engage, saying that the dragon has shown them no harm and that one of their own’s hatred for dragonkind is what is causing the issue.
  13. Strange runes have been found on trees throughout the grove, though they appear to have appeared from nowhere rather than being carved. The trees are oozing some kind of magical goop from the runes, but otherwise seem healthy. The nature of the magic goop is unknown and so far their effects are untested.
  14. A band of marauding ogres have made their way to the grove and have begun ravenously eating all the wildlife they can capture. While seemingly insatiable, they seem to have no quarrel with humanoids and instead feast upon the beasts of the woods. While upset, the druids are hesitant to attack the otherwise cooperative group.
  15. While the archdruid of the grove was away advising a nearby kingdom, a young druid made a deal with a fiend posing as an archfey. Now a small group from the circle have defected to following this new eldritch druid and his teachings that lie in gaining power versus maintaining balance.

Liked these? Be sure to check out past installments here! And as always, please let us know what type of adventure seeds you’d like to see next!

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