What I Like About (In-Game) Homogeneous Groups


One of the greatest things about roleplaying games is the diversity you can find in both the players and the characters. A human wizard standing alongside his dwarf cleric and elvish ranger compatriots. Cyborgs and aliens working together to investigate the hull of a destroyed ship in the middle of deep space.

But, there is something interesting about playing a homogeneous group in a game like D&D where you’re expected to be part of a diverse group. Let’s take dwarves for example. Usually, in my experience if someone plays a dwarf, they play a dwarf. They’re gruff, have a particular accent (however good or bad they try to do it), love mining, and love gold. People do of course play them differently, but you can usually count on at least part of that trope staying in there somewhere since it helps define the character compared to the others. Read More


5 Monstrous Duos for your Next D&D 5e Session


So many things, no matter how great, are boring by themselves after a while. You might think that a Slaad is the best monster this side of the Monster Manual, but if you use it in a predictable way over and over again, you and your players will get bored.

Great things usually come in pairs in roleplaying games: orcs and goblins, zombies and skeletons, dungeons and dragons, the tarrasque and the twitch in your DM’s eye that says you really pushed them over the edge this time. Read More

Star Wars Monday: X-Wing ep. 2

First of all, if you haven’t already, head on over to Twitter where we are doing a dice giveaway!

This week, we’ll be talking briefly about Worlds, get hype for the upcoming Store Championships, and a possible spoiler of the next wave of Imperial ships.  As usual, the remainder of the article will contain my Prep and Results over the past two weeks, including how I performed at the Star Wars 40th Anniversary Event.

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A Handful of Magic Items 3 (& Dice Giveaway!)


We’re back for a third time, with more magic items that I’ve bestowed upon the group in Knights of the Pool Table as well as another campaign I’m now running with some other friends of mine.

Gauntlets of the Dragon Slayer

These gauntlets bestow the following effects to the wearer (requires attunement):

  • +2 on Attack rolls against creatures of the Dragon type
  • +2 on Damage rolls against creatures of the Dragon type
  • +2 on Saving Throws against spells and effects coming from a creature with the Dragon type

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Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Revised Subclasses

UA Art

Now that Unearthed Arcana is back on a monthly release schedule, we have more time to look into and play with the material before the next set is thrown at us. That said, May’s article is a handful of revisions of previous subclasses released through Unearthed Arcana, so we wanted to dive in right away.

While these are all revisions and could be compared with their original forms, I’m going to try and take a fresh look at each one, since balance with the game is of more importance to me than the relative tweaks from last time. Read More

Star Wars Monday: Destiny ep. 1

This week, we’ll be talking briefly about Worldsmy recent experience with FFG customer service, the third set: Empire at War, and Store Championships.  However, the beginning and bulk of this article will be spent on how I think a new player can get a head start.  If you are reading this, and haven’t started playing yet, then this is the perfect time to get into this wildly popular game.  Unlike with X-Wing, I am not a new Destiny player, having played since it debuted in late 2016.

How I think a new player can get a head start

Destiny is known as a collectible card game (CCG) or trading card game (TCG).  I use both terms interchangeable.  This means that there is a randomization element to acquiring the cards.  You buy sealed, opaque packs and then open them up to see what you get. Having collected and traded for the past 5 months, here is some insight on how to start your collection the most efficient way possible:

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Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Feats for Races

UA Art

Unearthed Arcana strikes back with even more feats this week, this time focusing on races rather than skills. Unlike the Feats for Skills, these don’t follow a single formula and allow for more variety. How do these stack up to the last batch? Keep reading to find out! Read More

Ready Review: Folklore & Basilisk!


With so many new, robust systems coming out, it’s easy to overlook some of the smaller, indie releases that have come out over time. Today, I take you back to early 2013 and the release of a rules-lite RPG named Folklore, by Seth Zaloudek. Read More

Star Wars Monday: X-Wing ep. 1


Greetings, cadet.  My name is Andrew but you may also refer to me by my designated Imperial serial number (ok, it’s actually the username on all of my social media accounts): FRFC3S.  First of all, I would like to thank Ready to Role for picking up my content and providing a platform for my content to reach even more readers and hopefully encourage some crossover between the different game universes promoted on this site.  As a kid, I liked Star Wars, but my tabletop gaming experience started with Wizards of the Coast’s Pokemon and Decipher’s Young Jedi CCGs around 1998-1999.  Shortly thereafter, during the Urza’s Block, I got into a little game called Magic: the Gathering.  After a good bit of fumbling around, I played Type I (now called Vintage?) until I quit Magic after winning a Darksteel prerelease flight, selling all of my cards, and buying a car.  Read More

Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Feats for Skills

UA Art

Another Unearthed Arcana, another set of playtest rules to check out!

This time around we get a slew of new feats, each focused on one of the in-game skills. They each follow a standard formula- buff the base ability score and proficiency, and a passive feature or flavorful ability, be it a new action, bonus action, or access to spells.

I’m going to run the gamut of these, discussing their third point, and what I think about it as it would affect the game. Read More

Creating Your Own Homebrew Pantheon – Part 1

This is the first installment in a five part series where I take you through my process of creating your own pantheon, from the beginning steps here in part one, to a deeper dive about your deities in part three, and finally a finished example of my Syvega Pantheon in part five.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

There is nothing more satisfying than running a game in a world you created yourself. Your cities, your cultures, your continents- your everything! Making a homebrew campaign is a lot like writing a screenplay, and running the sessions is like watching actors without a script find their way through the scenes. Read More

A Handful Of Magic Items 2

magic staff

We’re back with the second set of magic items that I created for Knights of the Pool table. Like the set before, I made these with the specific characters and players in mind; items that add to their arsenal rather replace part of it. Without further ado, here we go:

Staff of Conjuration

This staff counts as magical for the purpose of overcoming damage resistance, but otherwise has the same stats as a quarterstaff. It also bestows the following passive buffs to the person attuned to it:

  • Find Familiar no longer consumes material components if cast as a ritual
  • +1 to Arcana checks

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