25 Frozen Wastes Adventure Seeds

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We’re back with another Adventure Seeds list! This time we dare the frozen wastes and all the perils that present themselves in such an environment. I don’t DM cold environments too often, so this one was a fun challenge for me, forcing me to think harder than usual.

Unlike my previous few, I don’t have a ton of assumptions about the frozen wastes overall, other than it is mostly desolate and covered in snow. The existence of villages, if it’s on the water or inland, and so on are on a per seed basis and can be easily changed to fit your needs.

And now here are the adventure seeds:

  1. Long-lost treasure supposedly rests unclaimed atop the tallest mountain of the frozen wastes. Many have died climbing, and rumors say that the ghosts of the dead assist those trying to climb.
  2. Several travelers have been circulating claims that a masked stranger who seemingly floats above the snow has been showing up to help, and then disappearing in a blink. Each person has a scarf that was left where they disappeared from.
  3. The native wolves of the tundra have been growing increasingly in size lately, some up to three times. A gargantuan pitch-black wolf has been also spotted a few times alongside them.
  4. An “oasis” in the frozen wastes- a small patch of thriving, lush growth with a noticeable change in temperature- has popped up and is expanding. Its origins confuse the locals, and many animals are now congregating towards it making hunting easier.
  5. A nomadic tribe native to the wastes have become uncharacteristically aggressive, attacking travelers they would normally avoid and are overhunting game to near extinction levels.
  6. A village located on the edge of an ice shelf has broken off and is slowly drifting out to sea. An even bigger problem is that they’re headed for much warmer water, meaning they may soon be sinking into the ocean.
  7. A traveling merchant is selling supposed cloaks of weather protection, but not everyone is convinced. Some claim that they feel even colder while wearing them and find themselves paralyzed at times.
  8. A blizzard has completely taken out signposts directing people between villages, and the lack of visibility obscured landmarks. Many merchants were supposedly on the roads and their families are besides themselves when they don’t show up.
  9. A ship has gotten itself stuck in the ice and is requesting help in freeing itself. The only issue is that the ship matches the description of a raiding vessel recently seen terrorizing the area.
  10. Rumors of “ice trolls” abound after remains were discovered, apparently mauled and eaten savagely. Those who have seen such remains claim they are humanoid while others argue they’re just animals caught by natural predators.
  11. Large tunnels of ice, too steep to climb down, have been spotted around the tundra. Interestingly, the air coming out of the tunnels is very warm, almost hot even.
  12. The weather has been erratic, and people blame small groups of wind and water elementals seen fighting out over the ocean. A local mage attempted to calm them, but was rebuffed and scared off.
  13. During the construction attempts at a central city for the area, a ravine opened up underneath causing most of the city to fall in. People are frantically searching for survivors while looters try to abscond with anything of value.
  14. Excavators recently found an untapped gold mine deep in the tundra, and are securing mercenaries and workers. People are hesitant to work for the boss, who they say was responsible for others dying in another job.
  15. An avalanche on a nearby mountain revealed a large, metal doorway previously impossible to see halfway up the trail. Stories of a long, dead god of the wastes abound in the aftermath.
  16. Waterlogged and frozen zombies have started surfacing from a graveyard that has been buried for centuries. While much slower than normal zombies, someone claims to have gotten frostbite at just the touch of one.
  17. After arriving in the small town, people urge you to get and stay inside immediately. Apparently a “dagger storm” is coming, in which jagged shards of ice fall from the sky for days, piercing and killing nearly everything unfortunate enough to not find cover.
  18. A local village has a coming of age celebration for the children, who must hunt down a beast with a hunting party. The chief’s child now must undertake the challenge, and has chosen the last of a majestic species in the tundra as their quarry.
  19. Supposed knights to the “Frozen King” are seeking an assortment of random items, including pelts, gems, and fish. They are more annoying than anything else, and won’t tell people where they come from or who this “Frozen King” they’ve never heard of is.
  20. A castle made entirely of ice has popped up overnight, concealing trophies of bones, gold, and other treasures visibly within its walls. The only inhabitants appear to be floating balls of light who don’t interact with anyone.
  21. Stories of fisherman falling prey to snow nymphs has become increasingly common, especially with someone claiming to have seen one last night. They described them as a cross between a mermaid and an ice carving, with the ability to turn into mist and float.
  22. A child recently fell into a lake and was recovered minutes later, long after he should have frozen or drowned. He says that when he fell through he landed in a different world full of sand and heat, but those brave enough to dive into the lake have only met the bottom of the freezing water before surfacing.
  23. Frost giants have come to a town seeking help as they have run out of supplies after their tribe split into two. They claim they will exchange whatever goods and services they have for what they need, but just 6 months ago they attacked that very town.
  24. People have seen something burrowing just under the ground, leaving trails of displaced snow where it has traveled. Once someone from a higher point of view saw it, they realized it is spelling out words in a language they don’t understand.
  25. While  digging through the ice of a mountain, excavators accidentally awoke a dracolich, who vowed to make the world freeze in ice for as long as he has. Oddly, he did not directly attack or pursue the diggers, and was seen trying to free the rest of his body from the ice.

As always, please let us know what type of adventure seeds you’d like to see next!

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