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25 Holiday & Festival Adventure Seeds

We’re deep into the year, but we still have more Adventure Seeds for you! This time we have some fun Holiday & Festival seeds. These are a little different from the norm; in each seed I provide a brief summary of a holiday, festival,… Continue Reading “25 Holiday & Festival Adventure Seeds”

25 Witch’s Swamp Adventure Seeds

We have yet another set of Adventure Seeds here today! It’s time to get spooky as we head into a Witch’s Swamp, where all kinds of creepy stuff happens. I got off to a slow start with this set, but eventually found a good stride coming… Continue Reading “25 Witch’s Swamp Adventure Seeds”

25 Crypt & Graveyard Adventure Seeds

Adventure seeds! Get your Adventure Seeds here! Today we’re coming at you with 25 Crypt & Graveyard seeds, suitable for spooky sessions or monstrous moments! Thanks to reddit user /u/unknownfet715 for suggesting crypts! By far, this was the hardest time I’ve had writing yet. I’ve written… Continue Reading “25 Crypt & Graveyard Adventure Seeds”

25 Enchanted Forest Adventure Seeds

Today is a good day, because there’s more Adventure Seeds for us to enjoy! This week takes us into, around, and through an Enchanted Forest! I really enjoyed writing this set of seeds, but I did notice something upon completion; even though I wrote these with… Continue Reading “25 Enchanted Forest Adventure Seeds”

25 Lawless City Adventure Seeds

A twist on a previous set, today’s Adventure Seeds take place in a Lawless City! Gone are the guards and the only law is don’t get caught! As usual, I had a blast challenging myself with another setting. In many ways the seeds I came up… Continue Reading “25 Lawless City Adventure Seeds”

25 Seafaring Adventure Seeds

By popular demand, we have some great Seafaring Adventure Seeds today! We set sail across the oceans and seas into a world of nautical novelty! I had a lot of fun coming up with these, but some are more closely aligned to adventure or encounter ideas… Continue Reading “25 Seafaring Adventure Seeds”

25 Wizard Tower Adventure Seeds

We’re back with more Adventure Seeds, and today we take a trip to the wizard’s tower outside of town! I wanted to challenge myself yet again by using a very narrow geographic area that is also highly specialized. Needless to say, a challenge it was!… Continue Reading “25 Wizard Tower Adventure Seeds”

25 Mountain Pass Adventure Seeds

This installment of Adventure Seeds brings us through a winding mountain pass that sees a lot of traffic among merchants and travelers. I wanted another “on the road” set of seeds that could be placed anywhere and shift between pockets of civilized company and… Continue Reading “25 Mountain Pass Adventure Seeds”

25 Jungle Ruins Adventure Seeds

First adventure seeds of the year bring us to the jungle, specifically a jungle with plenty of humid, swampy areas and some extensive ruins of a long-lost civilization. I wanted something that was both wild and had a hint of civilization, and thought this… Continue Reading “25 Jungle Ruins Adventure Seeds”

25 Urban City Adventure Seeds

Here we are with yet another Adventure Seeds, likely the last of the year! We head back to the city, but this time rather than focus on a city specific to a race or location, I picked events that could happen in a large,… Continue Reading “25 Urban City Adventure Seeds”