25 Crypt & Graveyard Adventure Seeds

Picture Credit: Andrew Pappas

Adventure seeds! Get your Adventure Seeds here! Today we’re coming at you with 25 Crypt & Graveyard seeds, suitable for spooky sessions or monstrous moments! Thanks to reddit user /u/unknownfet715 for suggesting crypts!

By far, this was the hardest time I’ve had writing yet. I’ve written in narrow areas before, but the legitimately limited size and options for a graveyard here were hurdles to get over. That and the bias towards including the undead or supernatural kept my mind from going to truly outrageous places. The bad news means some of these might sound slightly similar, but the good news is that most of these are easily combined if you can’t decide between two.

No real assumptions this time other than that these are all in a graveyard, cemetery, or crypt of some kind. My mind shifted the landscape with each of these; some were near places of worship like a church, others were standalone and outside of town. Some just had gravestones while others were littered with mausoleums and other standalone structures. Best of all, they should all be easily adjustable to whatever your vision is!

And now here are the adventure seeds:

  1. After hearing a baby crying near the graveyard, a villager saw a baby lying on top of a grave. Before they could get to it, they say a pair of hands reached out from the ground and brought the baby under.
  2. Every night another tombstone is found vandalized with carvings. However, last night those carvings started glowing like runes and the wind grew wild and strong while they glowed.
  3. Last week the blacksmith in town went missing and no one knew where they went until they were recently discovered dead, stuck on the inside of an underground tomb. However, they had completely decomposed in that time, leaving just bones and clothes.
  4. A group of cult-like robed travelers came into town, demanding to speak with the “King of the Dead”. They finally found who they were looking for- a child no older than six playing alone in the graveyard.
  5. After a series of high profile grave robberies, a pair of robbers were found in dug up graves, dead, and in the embrace of their latest targets. They were also wearing the spoils of their previous crimes.
  6. An acolyte tasked with maintaining the crypt has come out, pale and shaken, and only able to mutter the word “honest”. Those who have gone down to the crypt since have not seen anything traumatic that would cause this.
  7. Every night after midnight, the groundskeeper of the cemetery claims he can hear small bells ringing, coming from the area around the children’s graves. Once he mustered up the courage to investigate, they stopped suddenly but returned the next night.
  8. All the cats in town have been gathering at the graveyard every night. They don’t do anything other than lay around, but their growing numbers by the night have the townsfolk freaked out.
  9. The grass over certain graves has started to turn either red or blue. The pattern, according to the town historian, is regarding which side in a great conflict the buried took centuries ago.
  10. The word ‘HELP’ was found scrawled onto a grave with chalk. Three days later, the grave was dug up by what looked like claws, not shovels. Now ‘HELP’ appears on another grave a short distance away.
  11. The gravekeeper has starting running a late night shop while on duty for people who need things at odd hours. At first it was just general goods, but now he is selling some fineries and jewels and there are suspicions on where he is getting these.
  12. Disembodied hands were seen surfacing from graves and going into houses. When they returned to the graveyard some were wearing bracelets and rings before digging back down to their graves.
  13. The shadows cast from torchlight at night have been growing longer and larger, and recently a villager claimed to see them move on their own. They do seem to stretch closer to the town, even when the sun shouldn’t cast them in that direction.
  14. Rats have emerged from the crypt and have been seen with bulbous growths on their bodies. These growths explode near people, making them sick and bedridden. The first such victim recently was seen shambling through town and trying to attack another villager!
  15. Headstones have started to explode, sending stone and steel flying, apparently randomly. There is no discernible cause or pattern, making it all the more concerning.
  16. A druid has visited the town, wanting to bless the recently deceased animals buried in the pet cemetery so that they may find their way back to the goddess of nature. He was last seen leading a procession of walking animal corpses out of town.
  17. Red clouds form low over a mausoleum outside of town, with lightning occasionally striking the structure. Each strike of lightning rings out a different musical note.
  18. Mutilated bats with their wings removed have been found scattered across the graveyard. Some appear to have had their wings ripped off while others were a cleaner cut.
  19. A child was found unconscious in the graveyard in the early morning.She says she heard and saw a fairy singing in the graveyard that zapped her when she got close
  20. A groundskeeper tripped fell into a hole where solid ground above a grave should have been. The fall revealed a long tunnel with warm air coming through, and it had been covered up with blanket made to resemble a dirt mound.
  21. A deep voice emanates from within the crypt, telepathically beckoning those close by to come speak with their deceased loved ones. For obvious reasons, no one has dared enter the crypt since.
  22. Colorful lights dance and weave over the mausoleum at night before finally entering back through the cracks in the building and a curious villager followed them in. Those outside at the time heard a scream, and the villager has yet to come out 3 days later.
  23. Odd body parts have been found near the edges of the graveyard. This was the source of confusion until an entire body appeared to be floating towards the edge. It wasn’t until the gravekeeper approached it that an uncountable number of spiders that had been carrying the body scattered and hid.
  24. A black, viscous liquid has been seeping through the top of the graves, turning the graveyard into a swampy mess. Upon touching flesh the liquid burns like acid, and the local alchemist is completely befuddled why what it might be.
  25. After being caught and tried for his crimes, the leader of a local bandit gang was burned and not properly buried. Now the townsfolk claim his spirit haunts the cemetery to prevent them from letting them put their loved ones to rest.

As always, please let us know what type of adventure seeds you’d like to see next!

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