25 Wizard Tower Adventure Seeds

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We’re back with more Adventure Seeds, and today we take a trip to the wizard’s tower outside of town! I wanted to challenge myself yet again by using a very narrow geographic area that is also highly specialized. Needless to say, a challenge it was!

A lot of these started out as ideas that could be encounters or traps within the tower, and I reverse-engineered them to come up with a more general seed to use. Of course, this worked better for some more than others, so some of these seeds may be a bit more direct in their direction than seeds in previous installments. Still, it was fun writing these, and I look forward to writing the next set! Anyway, here are all the assumptions I made when writing these:

  • The tower is a single structure, potentially with a shed or other small outdoor building nearby;
  • The nearest civilization is a nearby small or medium sized town that interacts or interacted with the wizard at some point, but not necessarily daily;
  • The wizard who lives there, if inhabited, is mysterious and keeps to themselves, even in situations where they appear friendly;
  • and, if the wizard is hostile to those nearby, they go to great lengths to hide this fact since they still require the town for supplies and trade.

And now here are the adventure seeds:

  1. The wizard has been inviting guests over, but rumor has it if you go exploring in the tower that the stairs bring you to random floors instead of up and down. Why is that?
  2. People have been concerned about the open portal outside the wizard tower. A local cleric says they saw a lesser demon step through before being destroyed by the wizard, but the wizard refutes such a claim.
  3. A local wizard has invited any adventurers in the area to their tower for a trial. Upon entering, people are shrunk and made to reach the top of the tower to reverse this effect. We only know this because people have chosen to leave under the door than to try and climb the tower.
  4. Reports of strange hybrid monsters coming from the tower have become common, with a chimera recently started to terrorize the town and returning to the tower at night.
  5. After a new wizard moved into the nearby tower, the flora around the town has started dying and decaying and strange, and hooded figures have been visiting the wizard.
  6. Last week, a loud bang was heard out in the distance before the wizard tower appeared in the center of town, collapsing a few buildings beneath it but luckily injuring no one. The wizard claims to have amnesia and says they’re working on fixing it.
  7. During a recent orc raid, the wizard tower itself moved, revealing itself to be a giant golem to fight off the invaders. Although they’re awestruck, the townsfolk wants to know why the wizard doesn’t use the tower to help defend the town.
  8. It’s been discovered by recent travelers to town that the same wizard inhabits an identical tower near their city a few months away. After comparing stories, the wizard has definitely appeared in both locations in the same day.
  9. People are getting freaked out by undead servants cleaning up around the tower and turning it into farmland. The wizard says that it’s all natural and that it is just a form of recycling.
  10. A former apprentice of the wizard has been kicked out by the wizard after the apprentice found some tomes on becoming a lich and questioning the wizard. He fears that the wizard, who is nearing death, might be planning something drastic.
  11. Every morning at sunrise, minor earthquakes originating from the tower go off periodically for a random amount of time. People have asked the wizard what is causing them, but they claim to have no idea about the earthquakes at all.
  12. A stone giant has been guarding the wizard tower at night, and when asked about it the giant says that she is being paid by the wizard to do so. There are no real threats to the wizard, so why hire the giant?
  13. After accidentally causing some property damage, the wizard has begun putting on magic light shows for the townsfolk every night. People who stop going to watch the light show seem to get angry about the property damage until they watch the show again.
  14. The mayor of the town receives a letter from someone claiming to be a wizard from the future. They tell them to not allow them to move into the tower else the town will be destroyed, but don’t provide any more information than that.
  15. For some reason anyone walking near the tower is pulled upwards, as if gravity were reversed. A day ago a child wandered in too far and has not come back down, and the wizard is unreachable to help.
  16. Everytime someone sees the wizard, he appears a few days younger and does not remember any recent conversations. The townsfolk aren’t sure what to make of this or what can be done to help the wizard.
  17. After being abandoned for years, a band of marauding bugbears have taken control of the tower and unearthed some arcane artifacts. Surprisingly, they seem more interested in turning a profit off of them than using them to make war.
  18. The wizard had put up a sign stating that she is selling experimental potions for cheap. Such concoctions include expired love potions, vials of minor growth, and elixir of gnome strength.
  19. Faeries start swarming to the tower, demanding to speak with the wizard who won’t answer them. When pressed for why, the faeries claim that he destroyed their colony by harvesting it for magic.
  20. Some kids investigated the old wizard tower on a dare, but only one came out after a group of them went in. The one who returned says the others were taken by ghosts or some other spectral creatures to another plane!
  21. A new forcefield around the tower is causing a lot of bird-related deaths, causing some concern from the locals about why the wizard needs such protection, especially since he supposedly dealt with the evil necromancer a year ago.
  22. A new teleportation circle has been installed in the tower, allowing travelers from faraway lands to come visit. However, they have quickly started to build up a second town nearby, stealing trade and traffic from the original town with their exotic wares.
  23. After a few months of silence, some townsfolk went to visit the wizard. They were met by a scrawny goblin, claiming to be the successor of the old wizard who has since passed. Strangely, the goblin does not know any magic despite this claim.
  24. A raven, the wizard’s familiar, has been trying to get people to follow it back to the wizard’s tower all day, but for some reason none of the locals want to go with it and they won’t say why.
  25. Different colored clouds keep forming above the wizard tower and floating over the town, releasing rain of rock, fire, electricity, and arcane. This is causing some obvious problems for the locals who have had just about enough of the wizard.

As always, please let us know what type of adventure seeds you’d like to see next!

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