Knowledge Vault: …Knowledge Vault

Welcome to our new series of weekly blog articles, Knowledge Vault!  Every Friday, you can expect me to shed some light on lesser known 93/94 cards and/or interactions.  This week’s Knowledge Vault is on none other than, well, Knowledge Vault!




At first glance, you would have no idea that this card actually has two activated abilities.  Hidden within that wall of text is a zero cost activated ability which allows you to discard your hand in exchange for the cards exiled by Knowledge Vault.  Thankfully, the Gatherer errata has made it abundantly clear than you can Crack the Vault™:

Newer players may see similarities between Knowledge Vault and Bomat Courier, which was a staple of Kaladesh and has even started to see some Modern and Legacy play.  So, now we know that it’s good…ish.




So what pushes this Jayemdae Tome ripoff past “good…ish” and into “nuts in the right deck”?

I spend a lot of time browsing through Gatherer when writing articles.  A lot.  Originally, I found this card looking for a 93/94 discard outlet for a “Reanimator” Deck.  It’s a lot harder to find discard outlets in this format than you would think!  Anyways, Knowledge Vault allows you to, very slowly, exile cards from the top of your deck until you have your fatty of choice in your hand, then Crack the Vault, discard the fatty, and hope that you draw into a reanimate spell.

Given the right circumstances, you may not even care if you ever activate Knowledge Vault’s zero-cost “ultimate.”  Knowledge Vault has a third, triggered, ability.  You can either Priest of Yawgmoth or Transmute Artifact it, keep your hand, discard the cards from exile, and then play a Triassic Egg for free to reanimate what you discarded.  Yes, that takes roughly forty-seven turns to accomplish in a head-to-head game, but in a multiplayer game of Old School Brawl, nobody is going to target you if you are just silently exiling cards off the top of your library every turn.



So there you have it.  Knowledge Vault is sweet in Old School Brawl Reanimator because it has no color identity and is a combo enabler/draw engine.  And that’s just one of the ways you can use Knowledge Vault.  What’s your favorite way to use Knowledge Vault?

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