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25 Campaign Starting Adventure Seeds

New Year, New You… New Campaign? Whether you’re rolling up a fresh character or reviving an old favorite, the start of a campaign has a certain magic to it! And with this month’s Adventure Seeds I aim to give DMs a jump start on how to… Continue Reading “25 Campaign Starting Adventure Seeds”

25 Magical Artifact Adventure Seeds

At this time of year, why shouldn’t you and your characters both get some shiny new toys? You get more Adventure Seeds while they possibly get some magic items! We take a break from our normal geographical themes in favor of seeds that share a different common… Continue Reading “25 Magical Artifact Adventure Seeds”

A Handful of Magic Items 11

It’s December, so we bring gifts of more magic items! We’ve got rings that combine you and a friend, a necklace that gives you the power of dragon, and a potion for desperate times! Pair of Ettin Rings (requires attunement) A Pair of Ettin Rings… Continue Reading “A Handful of Magic Items 11”

25 Volcanic City Adventure Seeds

We’re here with even more Adventure Seeds for you! We continue with our theme of fantastical cities as we explore a city nestled inside a volcano! Is it me, or is it hot in here? Per usual, had a lot of fun with this list, even… Continue Reading “25 Volcanic City Adventure Seeds”

25 Floating City Adventure Seeds

What time is it? Adventure Seeds time! We’re high in the sky with a Floating City this time around, so come along and enjoy the ride! I had a ton of fun writing these, and this may have been one of the easiest lists to write.… Continue Reading “25 Floating City Adventure Seeds”

Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Magic Items of Eberron

It’s October, which means the newest Unearthed Arcana is either going to be a trick or treat- and a treat it is! We’re taking a look at a group of Eberron style magic items, where magic is a part of everyday life. Specifically we… Continue Reading “Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Magic Items of Eberron”

A Handful of Magic Items 10

We finally hit 10 handfuls of magic items! Of course, we have a few more goodies for you today: a net for hunting mages, a staff that wraps, and a shard that saves! Let’s dive in! Mage Hunter’s Net Mage Hunter’s Net functions as… Continue Reading “A Handful of Magic Items 10”

Creating Your Own Homebrew Pantheon – Part 3

This is the third installment in a five part series where I take you through my process of creating your own pantheon, from the beginning steps in part one, to a deeper dive about your deities here in part three, and finally a finished… Continue Reading “Creating Your Own Homebrew Pantheon – Part 3”

25 Holiday & Festival Adventure Seeds

We’re deep into the year, but we still have more Adventure Seeds for you! This time we have some fun Holiday & Festival seeds. These are a little different from the norm; in each seed I provide a brief summary of a holiday, festival,… Continue Reading “25 Holiday & Festival Adventure Seeds”

Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Dragonmarks

A new month, a new Unearthed Arcana. This time around we’re taking a look at some content from Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron from the Dungeon Master’s Guild, specifically looking at Dragonmarks. The Dragonmarks are essentially 12 new subraces or variant races for humans, half-elves, half-orcs,… Continue Reading “Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – Dragonmarks”