A Handful of Magic Items 11

Picture Credit: AlexanderKorolev

It’s December, so we bring gifts of more magic items! We’ve got rings that combine you and a friend, a necklace that gives you the power of dragon, and a potion for desperate times!

Pair of Ettin Rings (requires attunement)
A Pair of Ettin Rings has two distinct rings- a Ring of Might and a Ring of Mind. Each ring must be attuned to a different humanoid in order to function. Once per day, if both wearers of the rings are within 10 feet of each other they can choose to activate their rings as an Action. If they do so, the magic of the ring fuses them into a Ettin, taking on the features of the two humanoids.

The two wearers become a single Large, two-headed creature, centered where the wearer of the Ring of Might stood. This creature has the following features:

-Combined maximum and current health of the two wearers
-Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity scores of the wearer of the Ring of Might, as well as related proficiency bonuses for saving throws and skills using the wearers proficiency bonus.
-Armor class and Initiative of the wearer of the Ring of Might
-Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores of the wearer of the Ring of Mind, as well as related proficiency bonuses for saving throws and skills using the wearers proficiency bonus.
-Worn magic items are melded into the creature and only affect the humanoid who was wearing them before the rings were activated.

The wearer of the Ring of Might controls the legs and right arm, and gets the right head. They can use a Move, Action, and Bonus Action on their turn.

The wearer of the Ring of Mind controls the left arm and gets the left head. They can use an Action and Bonus Action on their turn. They cannot use their Action or Bonus Action to Dodge, Dash, or Disengage. They do not suffer any penalties to range attacks for being in melee. If they are normally right handed they can use their left hand as though it was their main hand.

Actions and Bonus Actions that normally require a free hand (such as somatic components) no longer require such components, but weapons such as a longbow do require the use of both hands. Both wearer can choose to perform their Actions and Bonus Actions in any order.

Lastly, both wearers have the option of giving their Action and/or Bonus Action to the other wearer, but all restrictions (e.g. casting of multiple spells in a turn) apply as normal. They can also use the Help action on their turn to immediately influence the other wearer’s action.

This lasts up to an hour per combined character level, until canceled by both wearers as an action. If the ettin reaches 0 hit points or dies, both the characters separate and fall in the space of the ettin at either 0 hit points or dead.

(Note: There are a lot of wacky and crazy scenarios that this item can create- use your DM discretion since me trying to cover everything would be nearly impossible)

These rings each have a head as the centerpiece on the band; one has closed fists one either side, while the other shows open palms.

Dragonblood Necklace (requires attunement)
The Dragonblood Necklace has 5 charges. It regains 1d4+1 charges every day at dawn. The Dragonblood Necklace by default contains the power of a red dragon.

When wearing the Dragonblood Necklace, as an action the wearer can expend charges to perform one of the following effects:
-Change the color of dragon the necklace has power of to any Metallic or Chromatic color (1 charge)
-Gain resistance to damage type of the breath weapon of the current color of dragon for 10 minutes (1 charge)
-Breath the breathe weapon of the Wyrmling of the current color of dragon (2 charges)
-Grow wings with a 60ft fly speed for 1 minute (3 charges)

The amulet on the necklace portrays a dragon around a glowing gemstone that changes color based on the power of the dragon it is channeling.

Potion of Desperate Transmutation
Upon drinking the potion, the imbiber turns into a Tiny inanimate object that would be natural to the surrounding area for 1d4 hours. During this time, they are under the effects of a Nondetection spell and do not appear magical to spells or abilities that detect magic.

After the potion wears off, they appear in place of the object with no memory of their time transformed. If the item is destroyed while they are transformed, they appear in the place of the item at 0 hit points and unstable, immediately taking a Death Saving Throw. If there is no room around the item when the effect ends for the creature to appear, they are pushed to the nearest area, taking d6 damage for every 10 feet they need to travel through solid material.

The sickly green liquid changes hue between dark green and yellow and the viscosity changes between watery and syrupy. I don’t even want to tell you the taste and smell…

And this set’s theme is Change! With the year coming to an end, we’ll all be looking to the new year with positive change, so why not get there with some of these items! As always, here’s where my mind went with each item:

Our first item is the Pair of Ettin Rings. I really liked the idea of combining two characters into one and watching them either work together flawlessly or, more likely, bickering incessantly. I had some decent inspiration in this (Dragonball fusions and Cho’Gall from Heroes of the Storm, for starters) and porting this idea to a tabletop RPG begs a lot of questions. There are many scenarios to cover, and I’m not even going to try. I urge you to go with what is most fun or makes most sense. Here’s a few oddities: What happens if one head is cut by a Vorpal Sword? What happens if somehow there’s only enough room for one humanoid to fit when they turn back? What happens to certain magic items? Have fun answering those, and let your players have fun!

Next is the Dragonblood Necklace. Monsters are always an awesome source of inspiration, and Dragons are no strangers to being used in such ways. I wanted something that would grant some temporary powers, and I don’t find the necklace too powerful. Changing colors, gaining resistance, a breath weapon, and really quick flying shouldn’t break too much, and I would argue that at a certain level the item actually becomes less appealing.

And lastly, the funniest item, the Potion of Desperate Transmutation. Imagine if you will- you and your party are fighting a dragon in the forest. It’s not going well. You turn tail and flee, running and running, and you can hear the scaly beast approaching quickly. Up ahead is the ledge of a cliff, and you sure don’t have Feather Fall ready. Pop the potion, gulp it down, and hey! Now you’re an inconspicuous stone! Safe and sound. You pop out 3 hours later, and hear nothing but distant dragon screeches as the town below the cliff is on fire. Ah well, at least you’re fine!

Let us know what you think of these items, and how you would improve them or change them to fit into your campaign! Be sure to join in the discussion over on our Discord channel where we talk tabletop!

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