A Handful of Magic Items 10

Picture Credit: Gailavira

We finally hit 10 handfuls of magic items! Of course, we have a few more goodies for you today: a net for hunting mages, a staff that wraps, and a shard that saves! Let’s dive in!

Mage Hunter’s Net
Mage Hunter’s Net functions as a normal net, but any creature restrained within it is also under the effects of an antimagic field that is entirely contained within the net. If the net is not restraining a creature, the antimagic field does not function.

Further, a command word can be said while the Mage Hunter’s Net is over a Medium or smaller creature. This command word turns the net into a metal, doorless cage around the caught creature, retaining the antimagic field ability. The cage’s size is dependent upon the caught creature and will vary accordingly. A different command word changes the cage back into a net.

This net shimmers in sunlight and darkness alike, its thin mesh appearance deceptive of the power it holds.

Wrapping Staff (requires attunement)
The Wrapping Staff functions as a magic quarterstaff when used it combat. Additionally, it holds 3 charges that replenish at dawn each day.

When you attack a Medium or smaller creature with the Wrapping Staff, after rolling your attack roll but before the results are known, you may choose to expend a charge so that the staff attempts to wrap around the enemy. If you do, your attack roll is now a grapple check and the target creature can choose to oppose with Athletics or Acrobatics check (target’s choice). If the target fails, they are grappled. If they fail by 5 or more, they are grappled and are considered restrained while grappled. This lasts until they can break free or you use a bonus action to return the staff to its normal form.

A long twist of wood that appears to be 3 thin staves wrapped around each other to create one. The top is frayed and splintered.

Stasis Shard (requires attunement)
When a creature attuned to and wearing the Stasis Shard takes fatal damage or fails their third Death Saving Throw, they are instead reduced to and stabilized at 0 hit points and pulled into the Stasis Shard. The only way to retrieve the attuned is to destroy the stasis shard, at which point they will appear where the shard was broken at 0 hit points. Creatures inside the Stasis Shard do not age or remember anything while inside.

When attuning to the Stasis Shard, you can choose a location familiar to you. If you do, if you are on the same plane as that location, the Stasis Shard will teleport back to that location upon being activated. If no location is chosen or you are on a different plane, the Stasis Shard will simply fall to the ground when activated. No matter what, there is a 5% chance that the Shard will teleport to a random location on the current plane.

This jagged, grey-pink shard hangs from a silk rope necklace, seemingly inert if magical at all.

Oh look, a theme of capturing creatures! At least one of them is for benefit. From an antimagic net that becomes a cage, to a staff that can subdue foes, to a shard that can potentially preserve life, we should have something for everyone today.

First, for the Mage Hunter’s Net, I wanted to do a weapon I hadn’t touched on yet and the net stood out to me. It stood out because I hadn’t made one yet, and also I don’t think nets see a lot of play. I already had antimagic in my head when I thought of the net, and figured they make a good pairing. There’s a chance of failure in throwing the net, there’s a limitation on size, but mostly it gives non-magic users a chance to subdue those wizards who just dimension door away all the time!

The Wrapping Staff, is admittedly, not what I want to call this item- but being short on time prevented me from coming up with something cooler. Regardless, I like this because staves are versatile weapons, used by a decent number of classes, and can be used offensively and defensively. Give your monk the staff and watch him land blow after blow on a restrained enemy. Give it to your armorless Wizard to take care of any enemies who make it to the backline.

And lastly we have the Stasis Shard. Keeping with the theme of capturing without being overly offensive, I wanted something that could be a last resort type item and I think I got it with this. The idea of a stasis-preserving item is not the freshest of ideas, but I had yet to see one outside of the death ward spell. I wanted to add the teleport component as an extra boon because sometimes the battlefield is the last place you want your new Sleeping Beauty to find themselves. And of course I added the 5% chance of randomly teleporting because, hey, what’s near-death without a little more danger?

Let us know what you think of these items, and how you would improve them or change them to fit into your campaign! Be sure to join in the discussion over on our Discord channel where we talk tabletop!

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