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DM Panic: Random NPCs 5

Hey everyone, I’m back with another batch of NPC’s for you to inject into your campaign: a boxer, a friendly troll, and a troll fisherman. Baby Burke still isn’t here yet; I’m sure he’ll be here sooner than later! Greth the Invincible Greth is…

Knowledge Vault: Banshee

On a regular basis, usually the first or second Friday of the month, our Knowledge Vault segment attempts to (somewhat satirically) Crack into the Vault of the best Old School 93/94 cards that you (probably) aren’t playing.   This month, we unveil Banshee to prove to…

Tournament Report: NEOS April Monthly Group 6 (3-2 with Erhnam & Burn ‘Em)

You might remember that last month’s $40 Erhnamgeddon list didn’t do so great.  However, April went much better.  After cutting the White for Red, my Erhnam & Burn ‘Em list went on to take Highest Unpowered at Hartfordfestivalen.  Hot off of that finish, I…

Knowledge Vault: Metamorphosis

On the First Friday of every month, we (somewhat satirically) crack into some lesser-known Old School 93/94 cards with the intent to open a dialogue and encourage brewing.  I’m sorry that this month’s was a little late, but I was busy preparing for Hartfordfestivalen….

Tournament Report: Hartfordfestivalen 2019

Within this article, you will find my tournament report, a $100 budget decklist, some Brawl coverage, some general tomfoolery, and many heartfelt thanks.

Critical Role Update: More Goals Added and More Goals Smashed

The legendary roleplaying group known as Critical Role has once again smashed the expectations they set for themselves, for the community, and for their wildest kickstarter dreams.

PAX East 2019 & The Official D&D Acquisitions Incorporated Book Reveal

Happy 10th Boston Anniversary PAX!! So, unfortunately, I wasn’t available to attend all 4 days of the convention this year. However quick first impressions from my two day experience are that 2019 was a fairly mellow year on the expo floor. Perhaps this had…