Knowledge Vault: Witch Hunter

Every Friday, we crack into some lesser-known Old School 93/94 cards and interactions.  This week, we are taking a look at the Bluest White Card in the format:  Witch Hunter!  Witch Hunter may inspire the Terror of Leatherface wearing a Pilgrim’s hat, but it more closely resembles Unsummon-on-a-stick.




This bizarre love child of Prodigal Sorcerer and Time Elemental was originally printed in The Dark, but reprinted in foreign languages, Chronicles and Timeshifted, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get yourself a copy.

The first important bit of text to note is that Witch Hunter can only be used to directly “ping” an opponent or Planeswalker, not their creatures.  However, you’re probably not using a four-mana creature to take care of x/1s, so I guess it’s kind of cool that Witch Hunter is quasi-unblockable insofar as it damages your opponent while avoiding combat altogether.

More importantly, take note that Witch Hunter can only “bounce” an opponent’s creature.  Therefore, you can’t use Witch Hunter as a way to abuse your own enter/exit-the-battlefield triggers.  That certainly limits its uses, but repeatable removal is usually pretty good, especially in a singleton format like Brawl.  Speaking of Brawl, Witch Hunter is pretty effective against two very good Commanders: Stangg and Hazezon Tamar.  Bouncing the Stangg or Hazezon also triggers the removal of their respective tokens.




Witch Hunter may be useful, but the flavor is way off.  The only witches in the format, Cuombajj Witches, make short work of Witch Hunter.

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      • Hi FRFC3S – I LOVE your articles ! I am still having my P9 and many other cards from those days back. Now playing with my children and other daddies who used to play with me the days back. Is there any chance to contact you via email, etc ? Would love to share some ideas with you.

        Best regards from Germany,


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