Knowledge Vault: Immolation

This week, we discuss one of the least-appreciated burn spells in all of Old School MTG 93/94:  Immolation.  Now, Immolation may LOOK like an Enchant Creature/Aura, but it’s actually a Sorcery that deals two unpreventable damage.




Okay, but what’s so great about a Sorcery-speed Shock?  Old School MTG 93/94 already has Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, and Psionic Blast.  What more Burn do we need?

Upon resolution, much like Enfeeblement and Dead Weight, if a creature’s toughness is 2 or less, Immolation sends them straight to the graveyard as a static effect.  No regeneration, no damage shield, no nothing.  The creature dies straight to death.

Unlike Blood Lust, Immolation can actually kill a creature.  Can you imagine if Blood Lust did the same thing as Immolation?  It would be the best removal spell in the format.  It would essentially be Lava Coil and it would be open season on Serendib Efreets.

Okay, so now we know what Immolation does to creatures.  But who cares?  There aren’t that many creatures in Old School MTG 93/94 that regenerate or have damage protection or whatever.


For just [R], Immolation kills RagnarUthden TrollWalking DeadDrudge Skeletons, Drowned, Clergy of the Holy Nimbus, Will-o’-the-Wisp, Sedge Troll if there is no Swamp, and, although they aren’t Regenerators, annoying creatures that refuse to die to combat damage like Wall of Shadows and Wall of Vapor and annoying creatures that refuse to even participate in combat like Angus motherfucking Mackenzie.

I can see Immolation seeing play in some versions of U/R/b Burn/Flyers.  Not only does it serve to kill Thunder Spirits or other pesky blockers, but it can also be used offensively in G1 against Control, because it can turn your own Serendibs from a seven-turn, three-power clock into a formidable 5/2 four-turn clock.

Edit:  After posting this article, and receiving some some responses from the community, here are some other uses:


  • /u/Smykster and Hunter P. use Immolation to pop Atogs, because even if they pump in response, it dies at the end of turn.
  • Ted K. uses it to swing with 2/1 Rukh Eggs.  Although this use looks like 2:1 card disadvantage at first glance, this combo actually generates card advantage.  The egg does not replace itself, it upgrades itself.  If your egg dies in combat or to a removal spell, you come out ahead on card advantage because the Immolation trades 1:1 for your opponent’s blocker/removal spell and you end up with a [3][R] 4/4 flyer!  Take that, Roc of Kher Ridges!



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