A Handful of Magic Items 4

Image Credit: Darksword Armoury & Armor Venue

It’s time for another handful of magic items! Previously I showcased some magic items I had made for my group while they were all pretty low level. Well, they’ve gained a few levels and I feel more comfortable with items that have a little bit more power or potential. The first two items below are ones that I’ve given to my players, while the third is an item I’m playing around with in my head. It may make it to the table or it may not, but it interests me nonetheless!

Azurite Amulet (requires attunement)

When worn and attuned, the wearer has resistance to cold damage. Additionally, once per day the wearer may either give themselves advantage on a spell attack or give a target disadvantage on a saving throw to a spell they cast this turn.

The jagged azurite in this amulet is secured with a simple silver enclosure and chain. It glows very dimly, giving the impression that it may not be brimming with the power it once was.

Gloves of Restraining (requires attunement)
When the wearer of these gloves successfully grapples a creature the same size or smaller than themselves, they can choose to also restrain it as part of the grapple. This does not function while shapeshifted or polymorphed.

These dark, metallic gloves are leather lined and feature small serrates under each finger, which emit a wispy magic-like smoke when touching the flesh or armor of another being.

Fate’s Blade (any sword)
When rolling to hit with Fate’s Blade, roll an additional 4 Fate dice (4dF). Add the result (from -4 to +4) to both your attack and damage for this attack. On a roll of a natural 20, either double the result if it is positive, or negate it if it is negative. On a roll of a natural 1, negate all Fate dice and deal damage as normal, directed at yourself. Damage done to the wielder this way ignores any damage resistance or immunities possessed by the wielder.

This blade features a glimmering steel blade with golden filigree where the blade meet the hilt. The guard of the blade resembles cupped hands with palms facing upwards, and the pommel is wrapped with a smooth silk that doesn’t dirty.

So, that’s some more potency and potential for my players, and here’s how I came up with each item: the Azurite Amulet actually belonged to the PC’s mentor, as they are a Sorcerer whose power is linked the the world/gems. This makes the amulet a great plot item that I can cause to grow in power with the player, either naturally over time or by sending them on quests. The gloves were my response to the group’s  Barbarian not liking 5e’s grapple rules, and is my compromise to allow one of them (the Barbarian, naturally) to make grappling more effective. I threw in the no shapeshifted sentence to prevent the Druid in my group from abusing them. And lastly, my little experiment, Fate’s Blade. I like the idea of magic weapons and items that can equally help and harm you, and I have a tube of Fate dice I haven’t used in forever collecting dust. It’s a bit of a niche idea, but I think it could be fun with the right player or BBEG. There’s a part of me that wanted to go extreme, with +/-4 having a huge effect beyond the extra to hit/damage, but with them each having a little more than a 1% chance of happening I decided that how I have them now is fine.

Let me know what you think of these items, and how you would improve them or change them to fit into your campaign.

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