Ready Review – GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

October 23rd is the full release of GWENT: GWENT Homecoming.  If you are interested in watching some GWENT gameplay, We’ve been streaming it over on our Twitch.  To celebrate Homecoming, here’s five reasons who you should play GWENT!

1.  Keepsies.

Most importantly, the beta is over and this will be the last wipe, so anything you earn from Homecoming forward will be yours to keep!

2.  Quick

Games are ten to twenty minutes long.  Personally, I try to finish my daillies while doing laundry or cooking.


3.  It’s Algebra!

A match is GWENT is essentially a Best-Two-out-of-Three game of War mixed with Blackjack.  You strive to win a round without overcommitting.  It’s great algebra for kids and aspiring Coders!


4.  Flavorful.

It’s based upon the Witcher III storyline, characters have Hearthstone-esque emotes, and all of the cards have Hearthstone-esque catchphrases and voice lines.  The animated foil cards called “Premium” cards.  These cards actually move.


5.  Support.

Based upon my experience, CD Projekt Red keeps a keen eye on the game and the playerbase seems generally pretty happy.  There’s also a Thriving eSports League, GWENT Masters.


Unfortunately, there is no Android or iOS app yet.  However, I have had success with using Chrome Remote Desktop Android app to play on my phone through my desktop computer!

What are you waiting for?  Go install GWENT!


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