X-Wing: A quick look at the Assault Gunboat, Waves XII and XIII to be released by the end of the year, and final confirmation of the SLAM FAQ.

On Friday, October 20, 2017 and after 42 days of radio silence, FFG released its latest article, “Indiscriminate Devastation,” in which they previewed the Imperial Alpha-Class Star Wing (“Assault Gunboat”).  Originally spoiled in early August at a Gen Con panel and then later teased on August 21, 2017 in FFG’s article “Bring on the Alpha Strike,” we finally have a full preview of the Empire’s latest advancement in intergalactic combat.  Here it is in all of its pre-painted glory:


Wait, hold on.  Here it is:




The article starts off with some pretty big news that you may have skipped over:  Wave XII (Assault Gunboat, Kimogila, and Phantom II) and Wave XIII (TIE Silencer and Resistance Bomber) will debut at the same time!


By the time you read this, many others have already noticed this and asked the question that logically follows: “Wait, does that mean Wave XIII comes out sooner or Wave XII comes out later?”  As per usual, FFG has left out a key detail.

th (1).jpg
Exclusive photo of the FFG editors.

Who doesn’t love a good puzzle?  Thankfully, FFG used the term “Fortunately.”  It certainly would not be “fortunate” to delay Wave XII, so this can only mean that we can expect both Waves XII and XII “…to arrive at retailers in the fourth quarter of 2017!”  The Wave XIII article was a ruse!  Of course the fancy new The Last Jedi ships were going to be available in time for the movie!  Hell, they’re all on the same boat!



Yes, I know this has been beaten to death and we were already 99% sure that it was coming, but here is the final proof that we are getting a FAQ of the SLAM action:

Soon, K-Wings will no longer be able to take a SLAM action and then use Advanced SLAM to drop an Action bomb.



In our next article, we will be taking a full and in-depth look at what the Assault Gunboat brings to the table.

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