A Handful Of Magic Items 2

magic staff

We’re back with the second set of magic items that I created for Knights of the Pool table. Like the set before, I made these with the specific characters and players in mind; items that add to their arsenal rather replace part of it. Without further ado, here we go:

Staff of Conjuration

This staff counts as magical for the purpose of overcoming damage resistance, but otherwise has the same stats as a quarterstaff. It also bestows the following passive buffs to the person attuned to it:

  • Find Familiar no longer consumes material components if cast as a ritual
  • +1 to Arcana checks

This staff is made of steel in a braided design, though weighs no more than a wooden staff would. At the top a large gemstone is set, giving off a faint glow that changes in color slowly.

Emerald Censer 

Every time the wielder rolls for and doesn’t suffer a Wild Magic surge, this censer gains 1 charge. At 20 charges, it converts into an extra Sorcery Point that can be used so long as the censer is being held in one hand. This point can be used either before or after the wielder’s own sorcery points. This censer stores a maximum of three Sorcery Points, at which point it stops gaining charges until at least one Sorcery Point is expended.

This brass censer features a large piece of emerald inside. The censer itself is fairly plain and featureless, but emits a fine green arcane mist as it absorbs more energy.

 Beasttongue Amulet

A druid who wears this amulet, while shapeshifted, is able to cast the spell Speak with Beasts even if not prepared for the day. While casting in this way, it cannot be cast as a ritual, and does not require any verbal or somatic components. Casting this spell still uses a 1st level spell slot for the day.

The Beasttongue Amulet is an intricate weave of branches on hempen rope that form into the shape of a bear’s head when view from one side, and wolf’s head from the other.

It’s easy to see that not all magic items are created equally; and that may be true or false between campaigns. The Beasttongue may not seem like much, but based on the character, the situations they’re put in, and the fact that the druid spends a good amount of time shapeshifted, it levels out with the more ability-focused items.

What are your thoughts on these first six items? Do any seem too powerful, or not up to par with the rest? Let me know in comments and be on the lookout for more homebrew content coming soon!


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