A Handful of Magic Items

284_ch5xe0o96dImage Copyright Wizards of the Coast

Today, I’m serving up a handful of low-level magic items. In my current campaign, I’m trying to keep the power of magic lower than I normally would, all while trying to keep it fun for the players! It’s a tough balance, but it’s giving me good practice with magic item creation. Here are a few that I’ve made for Knights of the Pool Table:

Javelin of Swift Wind

Once per day, when thrown at a maximum distance of 30 feet, the wielder can choose to be pulled magically through the air behind it, landing in an adjacent square next to the target closest to the wielder. The damage counts as magical for the purpose of overcoming damage resistance. The stats are otherwise the same as a normal javelin.

This javelin has an ornate, curved blade in the front, shaped to resemble a stylized nimbus cloud. The shaft of the weapon is bright green with gold lines spiraling down to a rounded pommel, which itself is made of gold.

Boots of the Berserker

Whenever the wearer of these boots kills a creature and can make another attack this turn, either as part of its Action or Bonus Action, they may move half their movement speed directly toward another enemy as a free action. There is no limit to the number of times this can active in a single round, but may not be used after making an Opportunity Attack.

These boots are made of cracked leather and banded iron, with many spikes protruding out from random places. Blood permanently stains them, and looks and smells as though just spilled; though it never drips off or leaves any tracks.

Poisoner’s Bracer

As a bonus action, the wearer of this bracer can run a blade held in the opposite hand through a special slit to coat their blade with a dose of poison. The poison acts as normal once applied to the weapon. Unless filled with a different type of poison, which will stay until removed, every dawn this bracer magically fills with a single dose of Basic Poison. Up to three doses of any single poison can fit, and mixing poisons turns all into doses of Basic Poison.

This leather bracer blends in with the color of the wearer’s other armor or clothing, and contains a single track for a blade to be run through quickly. Green thread binds the leather bracer together, and as the bracer is filled with poison the thread gets darker, eventually becoming black.

In some situations, these magic items can be extremely handy- a free 30 ft teleport, for example from the javelin. These items have only seen a few sessions of use, and at a party level of 3-4, nothing has come out as too broken; they provide a nice boost or effect without making the rest of the party feel weak.

Also, whenever I create a magic item, I make sure to give my players a description of the items, as I have above in italics. Part of the fun of owning a magic item is that it’s supposed to be cool, and a great way to reinforce that is with a great description of what sets it apart from it’s mundane brethren.

I’ll post next time with the other half of the group’s magic items, so until then, stay tuned and let me know what magic items you’ve come up with!

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