25 Futuristic City Adventure Seeds

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It’s a new month, and we have a new month’s Adventure Seeds! At a reader’s request I decided to give sci-fi a spin, specifically adventures one could find in a futuristic city or metropolis. Fantasy is definitely more of my specialty, so this was a fun challenge and a good nudge for me to maybe dust off that copy of Starfinder I have on the shelf and give it a go!

The challenges here were that, being in such a fantasy mindset, the limitations of complications of life in the future escaped me. I know what is possible in a medieval setting (which, accompanied by MAGIC!, makes for easy parameters) but the seemingly more complicated world of sci-fi through me for a hyperloop. I’m definitely going to crack open a sci-fi novel or two and refresh myself on some great aspects of the genre!

No assumptions really other than it’s a large city, in a sci-fi setting, and that it’s located on a planet (as opposed to a free floating station). That said, a lot should be translatable should you find yourself in a different form of futuristic civilization!

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And now here are the adventure seeds:

  1. For a week now, the screens on the billboards around the city have been occasionally displaying messages in an alien script not currently recognized. Some theorize it’s an ancient alien race that used to live on the planet announcing their return.
  2. A roving energy storm knocked out wireless signals in the city, leaving only the few wired devices functioning for the duration. Some criminals braved the storm to take advantage of downed security systems and now a stock of deadly fusion weapons are now gone.
  3. Strange larvae have started showing up in water sources prompting extermination protocols to be put in place. That seemed to have worked, except they’ve return and continue to grow bigger and nest all over.
  4. Hoverbike gangs are creating more trouble for the police force as they can’t follow the bikes into thin alleys. The police are looking for guns for hire who can follow and subdue these gangs on contract.
  5. A smuggler was caught smuggling in a cache of EMP weaponry during a random check. She wouldn’t say who her client was; just that they were planning on shutting down the city once and for all as revenge.
  6. A rising political figure has issued a new campaign promise: no more advanced AI within the city; meaning computers are fine but robots or other autonomous robotic citizens would not be. This has divided the city into passionate groups that are at each other’s’ throats.
  7. A VR bar set up shop recently, but there are already reports of three patrons dying while in the virtual reality. Investigations showed nothing strange with the devices or food served, other than a small purple blip that flashed occasionally during usage.
  8. Pro-Robots Rights graffiti have been popping up all over the city, urging machines to overthrow fleshly creatures. The only cited incidents involved kitchen appliances either refusing to work or purposefully messing up.
  9. An old man in tattered rags yells from every corner of the city of the exothermic god who slumbers under the city. He claims that by allowing so many chemicals to be released into the air that the god will awaken and obliterate the city in a flash of an eye if you don’t repent.
  10. A renowned cybernetics researcher accidentally gained control over all cyborg implants while testing for new parts. This unexpected consequence not only served to confuse and irritate those with implants, but not the researcher must keep this information out of the hands of those who would use it.
  11. Bounty hunters have been running all over the city for the past week in pursuit of a runaway fugitive. While many are happy to see them tracking down a criminal, others are just as annoyed by the wanton destruction left in their wake.
  12. The reactor core that powers the city has been flickering, leading to erratic power outages and surges throughout the city. When a maintenance worker was sent down, he claims that being made of light we sucking the power from the reactor and tried to drain him as well.
  13. There was a failed assassination attempt on the CEO of a hyper-corporation mere days after he said he was replacing half his workforce with robots. The bullet that missed laced with “uranium sugar”; a substance that rapidly burns and mutates the target from the inside out.
  14. The ship of a well known and beloved space explorer crashed into the center of the city, only for a band of small, furry aliens to pop out and scatter and hide. The explorer themselves is nowhere to be seen, and contact was lost with them over 3 weeks ago.
  15. A concert happening in the city’s main stadium cut out and broadcast the sounds of voices mentioning a bomb threat in the city. The production crew apparently did not notice as shortly the concert continued as if nothing happened even as the crowd began to panic.
  16. An unknown entity has placed a virtual bounty put on a holoathlete, who competes in sporting events from a remote chamber. Anyone who can find them in the city and take them out is rewarded, according to the bounty notice.
  17. A new casino has moved into the undercity, featuring its own “repo” team. More than one gambling hotshot has found themselves down on their luck and without their vehicle or home, but those who speak out are not seen again.
  18. A starship captain has returned to the city, their ship broken and barely functioning. He says he was attacked by a pirate vessel and is looking for a new, combat focused crew to take vengeance.
  19. The Space Explorers Guild is now recruiting new members, which is a rare occurrence. Their entrance exam involves navigating out of a physical labyrinth that they’ve built to test would be explorers under pressure, and not all who take it make it out alive.
  20. Meteoric hail occasionally rains down on the city, leaving dents and burns in vehicles and buildings but luckily no casualties- yet. The issue with the atmosphere appears to be caused by a new, experimental fuel source and the research team has said they do not intend to stop testing.
  21. A new game for cyborgs has players collecting data signals they pick up wirelessly and turning it into holographic monsters that they can only see through cybernetic eyes. Know one is quite sure what’s happening with the data that’s being collected, but the demand for eye replacements has skyrocketed.
  22. Random police stops have been set up all over the city as crackdowns on illegal narcotics rise. The last person apprehended at one of these stops had to be dragged away while they screamed that they were being framed by the police
  23. A technomancer who surrounds herself with older, dead appliances has merged them into an “undead” monstrosity. She keeps saying that she will take over the city, but the monster keeps crashing every time it makes it out of the technomancer’s apartment.
  24. Vigilantes have been foot racing through the city, jumping from buildings to vehicles and back to catch up with criminals of petty crimes. When the police arrive at the scene the vigilantes are already gone, and criminals are stunned and covered in a glowing circuitry pattern.
  25. Toxic crystals have begun forming on buildings, shorting electrical wires and causing a miasma to settle over the city. Breaking the crystals only spreads them faster and the biotechnological specialists have no answer for these growths.

As always, please let us know what type of adventure seeds you’d like to see next!

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