Wizards continues printing exclusive yet Standard-legal cards in supplemental products.

For better or for worse, Wizards continues to print exclusive Standard-legal cards that can only be obtained by means other than sealed booster packs.  On August 28th, the image and translated text of the Guilds of Ravnica Buy-A-Box promo Impervious Greatwurm was leaked to the internet.


The first ever Buy-A-Box exclusive promo, Firesong and Sunspeaker, was obviously meant to build hype for the the newly-announced Brawl Format.  This creature was simply too expensive in a color combination that has no other support in Standard.  They can be found in the Bulk Bin.


More recently, the M19 Buy-A-Box promo, Nexus of Fate, has become the first widespread competitive, Constructed use of these supplemental promos.  Each copy is going for about $30.  Bet you wish you preordered a box of Core 2019 now, didn’t ya?  Maybe not, because WotC announced that the amount of Nexus of Fate in circulation is actually higher than any pack Mythic.  If this is true, the hold up could be that FLGS owners are sitting on uncirculated promos.


On August 27th, Wizards announced a new product, the Updated Gift Pack, which includes exclusive, Standard-legal cards.  With an MSRP of $39.99, you can expect that the currently $10 Ghalta, Primal Hunger should go down a little in value depending on how many of these are opened, played a few times, and then harvested for its value in singles.  The Black, Green, Red, and Blue promos leave much to be desired in Standard.  They are extremely overcosted because they are meant to be played against four opponents.  However, they all look like they would be a lot of fun in EDH.

Of the five, Militant Angel seems the most Standard-playable, but she would fight over the five spot with Lyra Dawnbringer.  And that’s a fight that Militant Angel won’t win.


Join our Discord to tell us what you think about these cards!  Are you okay with Wizards printing cards that are both tournament legal yet exclusive?  Are you worried that powerful cards like Nexus of Fate will be difficult to obtain and highly sought-after singles?  Wizards is obviously doing it to boost preorders, but is Wizards now doing this to sell supplemental product, too?  Are any of the other Updated Gift Box promos playable?  Talk to me!

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