[Casual] Shark Week Deck

It’s Shark Week!  As an exclusive treat chum for our Instagram and WordPress followers, here’s a shark-themed decklist!  Unfortunately, shark isn’t its own creature subtype, so these Fishy… shark… mutations… will have to do.  Doubly unfortunate is that sharks somehow caught Sea Serpent’s terrible drawback which requires your opponent to control Islands before the Shark can do, well, anything.  Thankfully, there are thematic cards which can turn the tide and bah that’s enough Shark idioms/jokes for deck.  Here it is:

The deck can be tweaked on mtggoldfish right here.

Enjoy!  Every card either is a shark, features a shark in the art, or combos with one of the sharks:

“I want one.”
  • If you have them, feel free to replace the Yavimaya Coasts with Breeding Pools and/or Botanical Sanctums, but I was trying to keep this casual deck budget as well.
  • Also, if you can’t seem to find any of the never-been-reprinted Spreading Seas, try Convincing Mirage or Phantasmal Terrain.

Did you know that Noah Bradley snuck a shark into the art for Desert Twister?

Check out this video and this Tapped Out decklist for more ideas!


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If you didn’t appreciate the decklist, let us know why!  We strive to provide entertaining yet informative content and take into consideration all constructive feedback that we receive.

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