Shadespire FAQ & Errata v1 Thoughts

The Shadespire Core Set has been out for less than two weeks and we’ve already got some Errata and FAQs from our friends over at Games-Workshop. While a short document, it provides a handful or errata that clarifies sequences of power cards, answers some questions that are buried in the rulebook, and answers some that I felt were well presented but obviously have been cropping up in the community.

We got four pieces of errata which were actually only 3 (since the Sequencing rule is accounted for in both the normal and Multiplayer sections), making for some short, non-game changing rules.

The first (and last) of which is the aforementioned Sequencing, which revolves around resolving abilities that would occur simultaneously. It states that when a single players has two or more abilities that would resolve at the same time, they choose which resolves first. Simple enough. But when you have two (or more) players with abilities, they roll off and the alternate back and forth resolving. That makes sense, but what I find interesting is that a player may at any point during this choose not to resolve an ability. That adds some slight strategic control to withholding an ability if you opponent wins the roll off and their ability would makes yours less than optimal.

Of course, this does not affect the already effective reaction rules, and the errata made sure to make that clear.

The other two pieces of errata add sentences that clarify Critical Hits and Fighter Placement. The former clarifies that any attack that hits and rolled a Critical symbol is considered a Critical Hit (even if there were no effects), and the latter clarifies that Fighters may not be placed in the same starting hex, nor may they ever occupy the same hex as another fighter at any point during the game. I thought both of these were straight forward, but adding the sentence to the end of each paragraph to clarify could help with some rulings in the future.

The FAQ part of this is actually interesting. Some of them are mild (such as if the discard pile should face up or down) while others clarify weird rules that are buried within the rulebook (like if Angharad can use her reaction WHEN she inspires). Here’s a quick run down of what Games-Workshop has clarified for us:

  • Discard pile should be face up.
  • Fighters can attack on multiple activations in the same round so long as they didn’t charge (or otherwise not be able to be assigned activations).
  • A fighter that has charged can not be put on guard.
  • Attacks that succeed more than once do not deal damage multiple times.
  • The bonus attack dice from the universal upgrade card Total Offence only affects the first attack in an activation where a fighter makes more than one attack.
  • Angharad Brightshield can not use her reaction on the activation that causes her to become inspired, per the resolution mechanics of the game (e.g. the time has passed to react when she becomes inspired).
  • You can not score the Stormcast objective Sigmarite Bulwark if a fighter is damaged and then healed back for that damage.
  • You can score Sigmarite Bulwark if all of your fighters were already dead that phase.

As you can see, some things that make sense/are easily found in the book, and some questions that may not be obvious at first glance (such as the healing for damage and Sigmarite Bulwark. I think the clarification around Angharad is especially important, seeing as how at first my thought was that she got inspired mid-attack action (which is when she rolled the dice, so it went on to a stack a la many CCGs). I’m glad that this came up enough now that it didn’t become an issue later on. I am surprised by the complete lack of Khorne questions, though I guess charge-and-die doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

Overall, a good first FAQ for Shadespire, and I’m sure we can expect a second one in a similar amount of time after we get the orruks and undead. Hopefully we don’t run into any game-breaking cards (though from what I’ve seen, we’ll see some game-changing ones!) that require an instant FAQ just to salvage the game, and hopefully we don’t reach the level of FAQ bloat that 40k has recently attained in 8th edition.

What were your thoughts on this first FAQ? Still have questions or think some other rules need clarification? Let us know in the comments and on our social media!

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