5 Wildly Speculative Star Wars: Legion Predictions

(All images taken from the Fantasy Flight Games’ announcement article for Star Wars: Legion)

We’ve had plenty of time to digest the flurry of announcements from Gen Con, and boy was there a lot of awesome stuff coming out of there! While I didn’t have the pleasure of attending in person, you can bet that we were watching at home for any and all announcements of new games and expansions. And one game in particular really caught my eye: Fantasy Flight’s new unpainted miniatures game, Star Wars: Legion.

The tabletop community has been abuzz since the announcement, with plenty of speculation and pre-formed opinions about elements we don’t even know about yet. That said, the things we do know are promising and I am planning on picking up the game upon release to help expand Fantasy Flight’s monopoly on the Star Wars franchise.

Now, I have to admit, while I’ve taken in a lot of information about Legion, it’s very possible I can guarantee that I missed some information somewhere, so if some of my predictions have already been effectively debunked (or proven) I’d appreciate being shown to the source! But without further ado, here are 5 of my own wildly speculative predictions about Star Wars: Legion.

And again, I must emphasize, none of this has any substance behind it. These are all things I want or fear will happen with the game with no source other than my own mind.


1) Not just the Galactic Civil War
I have to say, if one thing would be a damper on my excitement, it would be news that Legion is being confined to just the Galactic Civil War time period. Now, I’m not an Extended Universe fanatic, but the prospect of limiting armies in this way, especially when there are so many armies outside of this time period, would be hampering the potential of the game. Who cares that you have Droids facing Rebels? That would be awesome!

And it’s not like wargaming elsewhere is pure to canon and lore. There’s nothing in Warhammer 40k or Age of Sigmar keeping two of the same army from duking it out when there’s no good reason to. Let Vader take on Kylo! Let Rey take on Grievous!


2) Mercenaries & Allies
Now, while I would like to see the armies expand beyond Empire and Rebels, I don’t think everythings needs to be its own army. For example, Ewoks. No one needs an Ewok army (but if you want one, more power to you, I guess). That said, it would be cool to be able to take them in limited quantity with my Rebels. You could say the same for Wookies or other non-Empire loving species.

You could potentially do the same with groups and factions. Grab some bounty hunters for the Empire? Maybe some smugglers for the Rebels. Hell, no reason why that couldn’t go the other way. I think the key here would be to keep these types of choices limited based on the size of the armies being used.


3) Gungans (& other sins)
Okay, so I already said I’d like to see armies outside of the Galactic Civil War. Unfortunately, this includes Gungans, and you know they would do it since we already have seem this in the movies. Actually, let’s be fair: After the Imperials/Rebels core set, it would be kind of cool for Fantasy Flight to release a second core set with Gungans and Droids. Or, better yet, make a Clone army and throw in a group of Gungans as an Ally unit. Just please don’t make Jar Jar the commander.


4) No prepainted figures
Ok, so I’ve seen this come up a few times in forums and other places online, though it seems to be dying down. I don’t think Fantasy Flight will succumb to people asking for prepainted models. Quite frankly, this game isn’t for them. Not that the game itself isn’t, but the overarching hobby that FFG is trying to cater to with Legion. While X-Wing already has great headway, competing more directly with Games-Workshop by introducing a more similar product line could further line FFG’s pockets.

At most, I could see FFG going the way that Games Workshop has gone with some of the new 8th edition beginner sets, with colored plastics. This would mean releasing storm troopers as white plastic, rebels as a green or tan, vader as black, Luke as tan, and so on. It doesn’t solve the problem, but it is a bandaid for people who want to do minimal work on painting.


5) Fall off popularity
And unfortunately, I’m going to end with a negative. Based on the above, I think we’ll see a huge surge in the beginning of the game’s release, only for 6-12 months down the line see a flood of used (and possibly still unassembled) core sets showing up on eBay. This has nothing to do with the quality of the game, nor does it have to do with the game’s longevity. Rather, I think the initial demand, like most things, is going to be greater than what people are actually looking for. And because its Star Wars, I think it’s going to be a bit more glaring than other tabletop wargames.


That’s it! Overall, I’m excited for Legion and I’m getting ready to pre-order. I’m keeping a mostly positive, though cautious outlook on the game. Even if I only get to play the Core Set with some non-wargaming friends a few times I’ll consider it a personal success and I’ll feel as though I got my money’s worth. Only time (and FFG) will tell what, if any, of these predictions will come true!

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