DIY Dice Tray


Go to Michael’s and get…

1x      8x8x1.75″ ArtMinds Basswood

1x     Sharpie “Brush” in Green

2x     9×12″ Creatology Peel & Stick Felt in Kelly Green (1x extra than you’ll probably need)

(optional) Glass of Wine


Price: $20 ($15 if you Google the “40% one item” coupon)





A sheet of paper





1. Trace and cut a piece of paper to the size of the interior of the box.

2. Use the paper as a stencil to cut the felt to roughly the same size (preferably slightly larger to account for mistakes).

3. Mock it up and trim to perfection.

4. Adhere.

5. Use the permanent marker to cover any spots that show through the sides of the felt.

6. Test it out (and hopefully don’troll 2/3 blanks like I did 😦



8 Comments on “DIY Dice Tray

    • Thanks! I didn’t even finish my glass of wine before I was done. It’s super quick and easy.


  1. Picked one up today and my very crafty wife put it together, thank you for the excellent idea!


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