A Handful of Magic Items 3


We’re back for a third time, with more magic items that I’ve bestowed upon the group in Knights of the Pool Table as well as another campaign I’m now running with some other friends of mine.

Gauntlets of the Dragon Slayer

These gauntlets bestow the following effects to the wearer (requires attunement):

  • +2 on Attack rolls against creatures of the Dragon type
  • +2 on Damage rolls against creatures of the Dragon type
  • +2 on Saving Throws against spells and effects coming from a creature with the Dragon type

These gloves are made out of dragon scales with the fingers designed to resemble claws. The scales by default are black, but change to the color of the nearest chromatic dragon, provided that dragon is within a half mile of the wearer.

Ioun Stone of Minor Health

When worn and attuned, the maximum and current hit points of the wearer increases by 5. When the wearer removes the item, their maximum and current hit points decrease by 5. Requires attunement.

A small, bloated yellow tetrahedron that slowly orbits around the head of the attuned. It gives off a faint glow at all times.

Ring of Minor Spell Enhancement

This ring contains up to 5 charges. When the wearer casts a cantrip that deals damage, they may use their bonus action to expend a charge before rolling damage to add their spellcasting modifier to the damage of that spell. The charges do not recharge automatically.

This small golden ring features 5 globes along the top. While the ring is fully charge, each globe resembles a pearl slowly swirling around. As each charge is used, one globe changes into an inert, burnt-out gray.


Another batch, this time with more passive than active effects. In some instances, the Gauntlets of the Dragon Slayer could be seen as fairly overpowered; +2 is a lot in 5e and I recognized that when I created them. In this campaign, I know how infrequently the group will be squaring off against dragons so the gauntlets have only so far come into play once. Will they come into play again? Of course! But would I have given them if every other monster was of the dragon sub-type? Definitely not. You can substitute the dragon type for any other type or even a specific monster- easy to adapt and easy to bring down to a +1 if need be.

Hope you enjoyed this latest bunch; check out the last two groupings of magic items if you haven’t yet and let me know what you think about these in the comments, on our Facebook, and on our Twitter.

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