25 Dwarven City Adventure Seeds


Adventure seeds are great. They’re one or two sentence sources of inspiration for any DM to take and create something wonderful out of in their own campaign, and 5 DMs using the same seed will likely create 5 different scenarios with them. It’s also no secret that I love dwarves! So I decided to sit down and think up 25 adventure seeds for a dwarven city for you to enjoy! Read More

Ready Review: Dead Man’s Chest


Here at Ready To Role, whenever we have a social gathering with drinking involved, inevitably we all end up wanting to play one game as the party winds down. Sitting around a table, beverage in hand, engaged in conversation with friends- subtly we’re also bluffing our ways through trying to hold onto our gems. Of course, I’m talking about Dead Man’s Chest From Eagle-Gryphon Games! Read More

Star Wars Monday: Destiny ep. 2


This week, we’ll be talking briefly about the recent Rules Changes, Product Availability, World Championships, National Championships, The Road to Store Championships, and my Recent Experience with FFG Customer Service.

We’re also announcing another GIVEAWAY.  Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, 20170515_201038Subscribe to us on YouTube, and/or share the original Facebook post for a chance to win a full set of the Spirit of Rebellion prerelease promos.  The more things you do, the more chances you will have to win!  We will draw one lucky winner on June 5th. Sorry, continental U.S. only this time.

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What I Like About (In-Game) Homogeneous Groups


One of the greatest things about roleplaying games is the diversity you can find in both the players and the characters. A human wizard standing alongside his dwarf cleric and elvish ranger compatriots. Cyborgs and aliens working together to investigate the hull of a destroyed ship in the middle of deep space.

But, there is something interesting about playing a homogeneous group in a game like D&D where you’re expected to be part of a diverse group. Let’s take dwarves for example. Usually, in my experience if someone plays a dwarf, they play a dwarf. They’re gruff, have a particular accent (however good or bad they try to do it), love mining, and love gold. People do of course play them differently, but you can usually count on at least part of that trope staying in there somewhere since it helps define the character compared to the others. Read More

5 Monstrous Duos for your Next D&D 5e Session


So many things, no matter how great, are boring by themselves after a while. You might think that a Slaad is the best monster this side of the Monster Manual, but if you use it in a predictable way over and over again, you and your players will get bored.

Great things usually come in pairs in roleplaying games: orcs and goblins, zombies and skeletons, dungeons and dragons, the tarrasque and the twitch in your DM’s eye that says you really pushed them over the edge this time. Read More

Star Wars Monday: X-Wing ep. 2

First of all, if you haven’t already, head on over to Twitter where we are doing a dice giveaway!

This week, we’ll be talking briefly about Worlds, get hype for the upcoming Store Championships, and a possible spoiler of the next wave of Imperial ships.  As usual, the remainder of the article will contain my Prep and Results over the past two weeks, including how I performed at the Star Wars 40th Anniversary Event.

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A Handful of Magic Items 3 (& Dice Giveaway!)


We’re back for a third time, with more magic items that I’ve bestowed upon the group in Knights of the Pool Table as well as another campaign I’m now running with some other friends of mine.

Gauntlets of the Dragon Slayer

These gauntlets bestow the following effects to the wearer (requires attunement):

  • +2 on Attack rolls against creatures of the Dragon type
  • +2 on Damage rolls against creatures of the Dragon type
  • +2 on Saving Throws against spells and effects coming from a creature with the Dragon type

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