DM Panic: Random NPCs 5

Picture Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Hey everyone, I’m back with another batch of NPC’s for you to inject into your campaign: a boxer, a friendly troll, and a troll fisherman.

Baby Burke still isn’t here yet; I’m sure he’ll be here sooner than later!

Greth the Invincible

Greth is a human bare-knuckle boxer. He has a permanently mangled skull from the various boxing matches over the years; his brow has been particularly wrangled and his eyebrow hair no longer grows in a straight line as several sections of scar tissue have wrecked his face.

As a major boxing competitor, he has had only 5 defeats over the past 8 years. The majority of his strategy is to outlast and then knock out his opponent with a powerful blows towards the end of the match. He is currently on his third consecutive year of not being knocked out.

Unexpectedly, Greth has many underworld connections, though you’d never know it by talking to him. He hasn’t thrown any fights and isn’t being propped up into greatness as he’s just legitimately the best in the ring. Greth has a high level of celebrity thanks to his status and the popularity in the sport, and this first introduced him into access of the underworld, he then slowly build a small squad of enforcers.

Grun the Troll

Grun lives in the caves north of the small village of Beltast. He’s a large, brown troll who frequents the nearby forest for hunts and raids the migrating bandit camps.

In the past, Grun raided the nearby outskirts of the small villages of Greyspire and Woodcloak but was driven north closer to the border of the kingdom where Beltast lies. His discovery there coincided with him attacking a group of gnolls that were attacking a caravan. The relationship between the two was solidified after another group of gnolls invaded the region and Grun was bribed into scaring off the gnolls, bandits, and beasts that were in the area. Now, once a week an offering of a sheep, cows, goats, and sometimes cheese are brought to Grun, and in exchange Grun keeps the town safe from the dangers to the North.

Grun doesn’t really care about the village, but he enjoys beating and chasing away bandit cowards, gnolls, and the occasional bear. Grun is very, very simple, and loves to sleep.

Grungreth the Invincible Troll Fisherman

Grungreth the Troll is a small, friendly troll that has been living under the bridge leading into Castle Peikes. There’s a cave that suits him just fine, and on several occasions he has helped to scare off vagrants who used to live near. Keep in mind, small for a troll is still bigger than all humans, but one familiar with trolls would notice he’s about a foot and a half shorter than your average troll.

Grungreth is a major weekly fishing champion, he competes in the ocean fishing for swordfish and tuna. While most competitors fish from row boats nearby, Grungreth fishes from the shore with Tarkin’s Fishing Pole. His pole is modified so he can cast his line up to 300 feet in the water or from the docks out to the sea. His magic pole enables him to outperform many of his opponents, and he recently won his first tournament and the grand prize of 130 gold. The fact that he’s a troll also means he’s able to cast his fishing pole to its maximum range with general ease due to his strength. He lives a simple life but that suits him just fine.

Grungreth hears all kinds of rumors and gossip as people walk over the bridge; the castle gates are closed at night, so all the traders and travelers make camp just above the cave entrance. This makes him an interesting source of knowledge if you sit next to him on the docks while he’s fishing, or if you go and find him in his cave.


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