Knowledge Vault: Pixie Queen is now a Brawl Commander (& the 93/94 giveaway continues!)

This is a very special installment of Knowledge Vault.  I am happy to announce a Brawl rule change:  Pixie Queen is now eligible as a Commander!

In last week’s article on Rasputin Dreamweaver, you may have noticed a cryptic message:

Please check back next week for June’s Knowledge Vault which will include one errata that will be in effect at Gaming for Gains and one suggested errata that needs further testing.

Well, this is it!  Now, it’s possible that this announcement may ruffle some feathers.  Who the Hell does this guy think he is just making up rules?  As proven by wake of the Atlantic Rules and, more recently, the Pacific Rules, Old School 93/94 is what we make of it.  If you want to play traditionally, do that.  If you want want to be a part of a community that strives to continue to improve the quality of the game, do that!  Both kitchen table EDH and kitchen table Old School are littered with house rules, so why shouldn’t OS Brawl be the same?  Also, I’m unaware of anyone else who writes more about this subject that I do.  Finally, you voted for this!


It was a narrow victory: 24 for and 23 “who cares?” against.

Screenshot_20190529-114753He said it, not me.





download (1)

Anyways, Pixie Queen has no substantial errata.  She’s pretty straightforward.




The art is an amazing Quinton Hoover piece that would otherwise get no love if it weren’t for this format.





Why even nominate Pixie Queen as a Commander?  Easy: she detracts nothing and adds everything.  But Andrew, we already have an overcosted Mono Green Do-Nothing Commander.


Okay, well, you’re right, but still.

Unlike Niall, Pixie Queen is from Legends.  Like King Suleimon, Pixie Queen is royalty.  Finally, Niall has zero background other than flavor text that essentially reads “Get off my lawn.”  Pixie Queen is a queen.  Presumably, Pixie Queen has an entire domain that she rules over, unlike Niall who just barks at anyone who gets too close to his rhododendrons.

Okay, fine.  She deserves to be a Commander.  But why her over Niall?  At least Niall saves your guys from removal.

By my calculations, Green isn’t even that bad at Flying or spells that bestow Flying in Old School 93/94:

  • Blue: 13
  • Red: 11
  • Black: 10
  • Green: 9
  • Multicolored: 8
  • Colorless: 7
  • White: 5

Here’s a list of things Pixie Queen helps your overcome:  Flying creatures, Al-abara’s Carpet, Earthquake, Elven Riders, Flood, Tidal Flats, Moat, Island Sanctuary, and Raging River.

Just be careful of Radjan Spirit, Grapeshot Catapult, Scarecrow, Island of Wak-Wak, Giant Spider, Web, and post-combat uses of Hurricane, Winter Blast, and Earthbind.

Long may she reign.



If you don’t want Pixie Queen to be eligible as a Commander, then don’t listen to me.  However, if you go to Gaming for Gains 8, you’ll have to listen to me, because they have also ratified the nomination of Pixie Queen.




Regrettably, I probably won’t be able to make it to Gaming for Gains 8, but I encourage you to try Pixie Queen as a Commander.  You might find that you like the change!
Here are some other changes that we have been entertaining. I’d love to hear your feedback so please comment below (or on whatever post took you here) so that your input is heard!
  • Plague Rats receiving the following errata added: “You may have any number of Plague Rats in your deck.”
  • Rubinia Soulsinger should be banned.
  • Allowing the Bands with Others Landcycle (Cathedral of Serra, Seafarer’s Quay, Unholy Citadel, Mountain Stronghold, and Adventurer’s Guildhouse) to tap for one colorless mana.
  • There should be more options for Mono Blue Commanders, possibly Island Fish Jasconius and/or Elder Spawn (I mean, it is an Elder).
If you play Brawl or are considering it, you might enjoy my other Brawl articles:

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Knuckle up;

Let’s Brawl!




The giveaway continues!  Very few people have entered and literally zero people came up to me at Mobstercon to mention the giveaway 😦



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