DM Panic: Random NPCs 4

Picture Credit: Wizards of the Coast

It’s another DM Panic, and this time we’re giving you three different mob bosses!

I’ve left out some details such as race of two characters to make them easier to customize. Bugs, however, I decided should be a half-elf because of his family’s history and having a long life plays a role in shaping him. Depending on your taste, you can either present them to the party as mob bosses and then keep their nicknames secret, or you can make their professions known and have the secret be that they’re mob bosses. In either case I recommend all these characters be presented as charming, smooth talkers with high charisma.

In any campaign you could make these three as part of an allied hierarchy; Candlestick appealing to wealthy, Butcher appealing to lower class, and Baker appealing to the middle, and have them function as a triad. Alternatively you could have them pitted against each other, but currently in a limited peace. Lastly, of course if you just need one mob boss for a plot line then cherry pick one from the list.

Mey “The Butcher” Cambino

Physical Description: Rounded features and average height. Muscular like a lumberjack, not like a fitness buff at the gym. Black hair, short and a thick salt and pepper goatee, and a large inviting smile with dark brown eyes. Speaks loudly with cheer.

Nickname origin:  Three large jars of fingers sit on a shelf in the room next to a large cleaver. Mey prefers to take both pointer fingers from people who attempt to cross him. Rumor has it that the jars are filled with pickling juices and that eventually Mey eats the fingers.

Background & Motivation: Mey worked his way through the various minor gangs and criminal tropes to rally the criminal underclasses together, using every tactic from fear to wealth to violence to get those once stood against him to bend the knee. Now the group hopes to ascend up the criminal ladder but find themselves at a disadvantage when magical assets are extremely rare. Above all else, Mey is secretly seeking magic items to undermine the other two mob bosses. All of his employees are held to a strict code, and leeches who break that code are often made an example of.

Traits: Evil, Intelligent, Lawful, Resilient, Strong.

Bugs “The Baker” Clarence

Physical Description: Tall half-elf, but resembles the physique of a golfer. Darkened, tanned skin color, similar to the loafs of bread available in his store. Jet black hair is kept short and simple, creating a basic part. Speaks in a whispery voice and seems kind and sincere in every situation, but when enraged tends to lose his temper and screams down at his worker worms.

Nickname origin: Bugs is known for having a strong sweet tooth; his desk has a very large vase of candies and it’s not uncommon for him to be eating a pastry while working. Bugs is a good sport about the nickname as he is called the baker because he actually does bake.

Background & Motivation: The youngest of the trio (by experience, not age), his family has been in organized crime for 10 generations. He’s taken over for his uncle after five years of serving as his lieutenant. Bugs has a chip on his shoulder and is always looking for an opportunity to prove he’s just as powerful as his favorite uncle. He is hiding a secret under his uncle’s management: the power foothold has dramatically shrank and the coin purses of the baker gang are slowly being stretched thin. Bugs is making progress to reverse the tide, but undoing his uncle’s mistakes are the primary concern. Bugs motivation is likely a con to gain influence or money.

Traits: Forward-thinking, Charming, Resilient, and Short-tempered.

Rodin “The Candlestick” Anastasia

Physical Description: The oldest of the three in appearance. Clean shaven, silver slicked-back hair, and a very thin figure. Deep blue eyes that seem haunted by the past pierce where they look. Looks like he should be in a wheelchair, yet manages to walk around with certainty of movements at a normal pace. Often carries a cane with him but only uses it on uneven ground.

Nickname origin: Rodin has had three lieutenants over the years, and each one of them eventually thought of a scheme to overthrow the boss. Each time their scheme was thwarted Rodin gave them the same treatment; Each betrayer burned alive as a living candle in front of their families and his eventual replacement. His current lieutenant believes he’ll outlive Rodin and isn’t plotting to usurp.

Background & Motivation: Rodin remembers the dark times when things were more chaotic; when criminals and the law were constantly clashing and children were thrown into orphanages because their mothers stole food to feed them. Back in the golden age of the city, when the corrupt had enough money to be happy and still feed the ones below them. Rodin skillfully manipulates Bugs and Mey into feuding more with each other instead of with him. Rodin frequently uses Bugs for his dirty work and pays him handsomely for the assistance, keeping Bugs at arm’s length because his ambition reminds him far too much of his own. He actively works to undermine some of Bugs’ political plots. Rodin doesn’t have the largest gang, but his gang is far more experienced and powerful than the others.

Self-made, Intelligent, Cunning, Charming, Evil.

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