Critical Role Kickstarter Rolls A Natural 20: All Stretch Goals Funded In 7 Hours

I’ve always been a Critical Role fan, though lately I’m a few episodes behind on the new campaign. And if you’re in my boat then this might have taken you by surprise to hear that they were going to kick off a Kickstarter campaign today.

The Kickstarter is for 18 months of development for an animated movie; it was originally going to be just a half hour special but at this point (88 minutes) it’s basically a film. The animated series is going to be D&D friendly and available to all people; not just the backers. It’s aimed for adult audiences, though they say if you’re comfortable with your children watching the stream the there should be no problem with them watching the animated series.

I wasn’t too surprised by this; they’d been mentioning they were looking at animation options over the past year or so, but it was certainly a mild surprise that it was a funded project in under 45 minutes. That was followed up by shock that they did a very impressive 7 hour kickoff, reaching all their stretch goals. They’ve funded well over THREE MILLION DOLLARS (as I’m writing this). And over 11 thousand backers funded at over $100.

So as a minor ding to that, while being as polite as possible, I think the rewards are structured specifically for very rapid funding. I think if the $20 or $50 rewards had better rewards, such as a single Vox Machina d20, those backings would have been more popular. After all, the Critical Role dice set on their website sells out on an extremely regular basis, so it’s of no surprise that the option which includes a dice set is the one that sold the most.

You can jump on the train here, and look forward to seeing wonderful content sometime in after 18 months!

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