Ready Review: Qwixx


Qwixx is a delightful, family dice game from Gamewright, who have been making games for family enjoyment for over 20 years. Like several of Gamewright’s delightful creations Qwixx is the 2014 winner of the Mensa Select.


Qwixx plays like Yahtzee in that each player takes a turn rolling dice and every player has a score sheet to tally up what their dice rolled at the end of the turn. In Qwixx the dice are colored differently; there are are 4 colored die (red, green, yellow, and blue) and two white die.

As the primary player when you roll the dice, you take one of the white dice and one of the color dice and mark the sum number on the scorecard.


An interesting difference is that the total of the two white die are communal and wild; any player may apply the total of the two dice to any row on their score sheet. This delightful mechanic means everyone playing is never truly out of the action. If you had a turn where you couldn’t cross out a number then you take a -5 penalty.

Players continue marking off X’s until one of the three game conditions are met to end the game where finally everyone calculates and compares their scores.


Gameplay: 4/5
Replay: 4/5
Speed: Fast
Learning Curve: Small

Downside: A small downside here is the audience size, like too many games there’s a small issue that I tend to play with 6-8 people so a game like this falls in the too small zone. Of course that might not be an issue for you but it’s one for me, thankfully the game is quick so even in that situation you could have some people rotate out and observe to get around the limit.

In summary it’s a great game, especially for any family as an alternative to Yahtzee, though Yahtzee does allow for more than 4 players.

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