DM Panic: Random NPCs – Christmas Edition

Picture Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Next up in DM Panic: a last minute toolbox of NPCs to help spice up your next Christmas themed session. It’s basically if Christmas and Robin Hood met in the middle!

Our holly, jolly squad of NPCs have lived in the Feywild their entire lives, and I suggest having players sucked into the Feywild by whatever means you seem fit and then have them bump into Janus who should be adorable and charming. If the players are mention anything having to do with wealth then Janus mentions Claw, while Kringle should either attack or yell with concern for Janus, who is his friend.

Players then learn more about Claw Hammertime, an lawful-evil fey in league with Jack Frost the ice hag to expand their respective power. While Kringle and Janus have no hard proof, both are sure that the two are working together. Really, Jack Frost is just using Claw, but since Claw has an immediate payoff he thinks he’ll win in the end.

The main idea includes having Claw run a factory where all the elf orphans live and work and having that factory make something for Jack Frost. Ideally Kringle could know of a purer or good use for that same thing, or could turn the factory into one that makes toys and pays the elf children and provides them comfortable lives.

Here’s some brief information on our NPCs:

  1. Janus
    Janus is a small elf child who likes running into the woods when he should be sleeping, eating, or working. Him and his adopted siblings- Jantel, Jacobs, Joris, and Janneey- live and work together at Claw Hammertime’s factory.
  2. Kringle Clasus
    Kringle is a half-elf and a druid who enjoys making toys. He does not live far from the Claw Mill, and has befriended Janus who he is protective of.
  3. Claw Hammertime
    Governor and overseer of the elven factory, Claw employs orphans mostly to keep them out of trouble in elven society. He thinks making toys is a waste of time and resources and instead uses his factory for more nefarious means.
  4. Jack Frost
    Ice Hag of the Northern Forests who is using Claw and his factory to gain power of some kind. While no one knows exactly what Claw and Jack have planned, both plan to come out on top of the other and claim the Feywild for themselves.

Good luck DMs, and remember: the choices are yours, and yours alone!

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