DM Panic: Random NPCs 1

Picture Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Here’s the first installment in a segment I’ll coin DM Panic where I provide the ill-prepared Dungeon Master with some last minute content to fill or stall their games. This will include random NPCs, loot tables, adventure ideas, and other content from bitesized bits to fully-fleshed out adventures.

We’re kicking off with some NPC ideas that are more detailed than what you would get in most random NPC generators. Ideally you can link these four NPCs together through their connections and drop them into your game, though you can also use them separately as needed.

Depending on what you’re looking for in a plot I recommend starting off with the party meeting Big Pete as the commoner the party initially finds, who then leads them to either Princess Sarah or Sheriff Bell. From there they can transition to King Althesotor, but if you get struck with inspiration and think of a fun quest a young child, a sheriff, or a deckhand might offer the party then run wild with it. THE CHOICE IS YOURS, AND YOURS ALONE!

  1. Big Pete
    Large, seven foot tall, 350 lbs Human or Half-Orc with ebony skin and between 20-40 years old.
    Big Pete is a former barbarian who gave up his nomadic life to work the docks and occasionally on smaller shipping boats. Betting is in his blood as he gambles or fights in the fighting pits to support his binge drinking habit. He is a simple man of simple pleasures, but knows all too much about the people around him- and is perhaps too aware of every bar and brothel in town. He happily shares what he knows for free while drunk, though he likes to challenge the strong, broody, silent types to arm wrestling matches. In the lean hours while sober or working Pete tends be very direct but tough to get information from without a reward. If the party can get through to him they will find he is quite well connected and always knows someone worth talking to. If the party seems friendly and good-natured he will suggest they talk to Princess Sarah, but if they seem tough or mean Pete assumes the party members are bounty hunters and recommends talking to Sheriff Bell.
  2. Princess Sarah
    A small, blonde, human child, appearing roughly 7 years old. While tall for her age, her head still barely rests higher than her father’s elbow.
    Sarah’s favorite activities include singing and naming flowers in the vast garden of the castle. Her favorite horse is named Pola, whose unusual white mane on a black coat grabs attention of travelers while she rides. She is frequently only accompanied by one guard named Bronze, who wears ridiculously heavy armor at all times and for all events. Bronze’s armor is designed so that no one can tell who is beneath it, nor are there any clues to the identity, including the fact that Bronze never utters a single word. Bronze’s secret is that it is actually an enchanted golem whose armor makes it impossible to discover that. To move around with the princess, Bronze rides a warhorse with an enchanted saddle that bears the weight of the guard without transferring it to their warhorse.
  3. Sheriff Narsisa Bell
    A tall, white-haired, half-elf fighter looking 200 years old.
    Sheriff Bell has been a bounty hunter for fifty years and now is settling in to be closer to her father who only reached out to her later in life. Her father served as lawmaster for 500 years in the region and eventually had his daughter in the middle of his tenure. Being raised a half-elf in a mostly human area gave Narsisa an edge into the reality that her father, being a low born elf, found interesting himself. He sought the opportunity to serve the human communities as lawmaster, including acting as judge and jury, though some crimes require a trio of lawmasters to render a judgement. Narsisa embraces a lesser opinion of humans than her father does, and now serves as sheriff despite sometimes acting more like a bounty hunter.
  4. King Althesotor 
    King Alex Althesotor is a small, silver-haired human in his late 70’s who sits atop the throne. (Note: Althesotor might be better off as a mayor, governor, or noble depending on your setting.)
    Althesotor speaks at such a low volume that he has an aid shout his words to fill the great hall. King Alex Althesotor served in the military for twenty years while his own father occupied the throne, and took his father’s place with great cheers from the kingdom when the time came. Now as its humble ruler, and a shadow of his former self, he’s still remembered and treated fondly for his days as a prince and general. Princess Sarah is his great-granddaughter, but her kindness warms his heart the most of all his grand- and great-grandchildren. The king hears from ten common people every day, in two sessions of five. About nine out of ten of them are happy with his judgement or trust he’ll put the right person in charge to help them. Behind the scenes is where the real power lies, as his six sons are very savvy businessmen and charismatic leaders who rarely find an ear they can’t bend.

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  1. Let me know what you guys like about this! And if there’s more details you’d like to see


  2. thank you this is a life saver. came across this on accident and tomorrows session will have much much more depth because of you

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